Top 7 Best Emergency Lights in India: Buyer’s Guide & Reviews 2020

Power cuts are a frequent phenomenon in India. I understand how annoying it is to be in the midst of something and the current unexpectedly goes off. The very next thing that you are doing is to search for the nearest emergency lights.

This light has to be easily accessible and very close to you. So that you still have a convenient light in times of trouble that will support you. Keeping it should be light in weight and have to last long enough before power returns or you step back into a lit environment.

Choosing the right emergency light online is a challenging task in a market that is so vast and packed with a lot of cheap goods. But to help you out, my team and I have committed a strict 48 hours of research to come up with a detailed “buying guide” and a list of 7 best available emergency lights in India. The buying guide is attached to the end of the article, and the list of those lights and their reviews are given below.

Top 7 Emergency Lights in India with 2020 Reviews

1. Qualimate 716 Portable Emergency Light

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If you were looking for a powerful and highly reliable bright emergency light that can be used for years without any significant maintenance, then it would be a perfect option for the Qualimate Rechargeable Emergency light. This is one of the best emergency light at this price range, with multiple LED lights and brilliant build quality. Here are the unique things about the emergency light at Qualimate


  • 30 LED rechargeable emergency light
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Durable polycarbonate body
  • Easy to use

  • Takes 10 hours to charge

2. Philips Ujjwal Mini LED Lantern

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Unless you plan to buy a reliable and powerful emergency light that can be easily used during power cutting, then you can look no further than the Philips Ujjwal Plus. Here are several specific points concerning the Philips Ujjwal Plus.


  • 40 pieces of bright LED
  • The handy size that can be handled easily
  • Exclusive Philips LED ensures the brightest possible results
  • Brilliant battery back up
  • 6-month warranty

  • Requires 10-hours to fully charge

3. Syska EML-4262 Emergency Rechargeable Light -Lantern

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If you’ve been looking for a simple LED emergency light and want a light that will help you manage the short power cuts easily, then the Syska is a great option. Here are some amazing stuff about Amber Wipro.


  • Great standby time
  • Overcharge and deep discharge protection
  • 48 Bright LED lights
  • Has two modes of LED luminance
  • Easy to use

  • Battery life is not up to the par

4. Eveready HL-67 Portable Rechargeable Lantern

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Eveready HL67 is a lightweight and powerful emergency light suitable for small rooms or for frequent travelers needing a portable emergency light for emergencies. Below are the special things concerning the Eveready HL-67.


  • 2 modes of operation
  • Extremely portable and easy to use
  • 360-degree coverage
  • The decent battery life of 4-hours
  • Deep discharge and overcharge protection

  • Not for the large rooms

5. Everest Rechargeable 180 Degree LED Emergency Light

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Everest has another great device, it can be used as table light with 180 degrees of bright light and improved visibility. It also has all the good features and comes with an on and off button, lightweight design with included cable and plug. Emergency LED light is a safer choice for your home when power is cut and is readily available in the market online and offline.


  • It is adjustable switch led lamp
  • 180 degree LED light
  • This illumination you can cover a large area
  • Amazing look with beautiful red color

  • A little bit costly

6. Qualimate Portable Emergency Light Rechargeable

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It is the latest compact version of rechargeable led emergency light and this one of the best notable things about it has a lead-acid battery which will give you a reasonably long-lasting service without interruption. It also comes with an impressive look and is fitted with 2 levels of brightness that help you monitor the amount of output light, this handy feature can also save power. When you do not use this light to turn it off and to preserve your battery life, you always charge it timely.


  • It comes with an amazing long-lasting battery life
  • It also has one of the best options is you can light high and dim according to your conditions.
  • It comes with beautiful looks in white color
  • It has a valuable brand.
  • This light equipped with 2 brightness level as well

  • It’s not raining resistant light
  • There is no warranty on the product

7. DP 7103 6.6-Watt 66 SMD LED Emergency Light

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This is the great light of emergency that comes with a long life. This light’s battery has a high capacitance. The battery discharges very slowly. This can be sued very easily and runs without any issues for a long time. It’s ideal for use anywhere and in any climate. The light weighted emergency light can be very easily transported from one location to another.


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Large battery capacity
  • Easy to handle light
  • Connects very easily with the charger
  • High battery capacity
  • Elegant design.
  • Option for wall hanging
  • Easy adjustability of brightness.

  • There should be different colors for emergency light.

Buying Guide: How to pick the right emergency light online

Only when you are stuck in a powerless, dark space with no light comes to the importance of an emergency lamp into the frame. And in these situations, it’s frustrating and irksome for others when you take out the emergency light and it goes off with a few flickers. To prevent all such problems, one has to focus on purchasing only the best of emergency lamps. To accomplish this, you need to carefully consider the fulfillment of the points listed below.

1. Period of operation of batteries

In any normal light, its lighting efficiency will be considered the primary quality indicator. Nevertheless, the ability to work for a longer time is very necessary when it comes to emergency lighting.

If you are stuck in darkness for a longer time, you need a light that will hold you insight for a very long time. The lamp used, the battery used, charging type, and light size are indications for longer service.

Choose an emergency lamp with a very long power life, strong battery, and a low energy consumption bulb for ideal circumstances. Soon, more about it.

2. Brightness and light source

Now that you have learned how to work for longer periods, you have to look at how luminous this light would be.

One of the primary elements here is light. It should also absorb nominal power not only brilliantly. It doesn’t get hurt or burnt out quickly. Never using filament-based bulbs when it comes to emergency lighting. Go to LED bulbs all the time.

In emergency lights, LED lighting works best. This is long-term, less energy is used while charging, does not heat up and comes in different colors. Select a light with a suitable number and/or LED types depending on your request.

3. Waterproof Material

Everything may be an emergency. You can dive underwater or get caught in a storm or an inundation. A waterproof ideal emergency light can work perfectly underwater.

Waterproof of an apparatus means that the exterior will be robust so that no water will penetrate the apparatus at any cost. This means that the system should be packed fully without external exposure to internal devices or circuits.

4. Focus Lighting Feature

It is an extra feature in many and some cases, but an essential feature. A focus light feature means that the lamp can concentrate or diversify its light on a particular point.

This can be achieved by correctly covering the reflex region of the primary bulb and by having a secondary bulb from which to turn.

5. Build Quality of the device

A significant consideration is how well the computer is designed. You can opt to have a low-priced plastic but, when you drop the lamp and it breaks, you can’t look without the light in emergencies, too.

Robust construction materials offer good product quality. In addition to the emergency metal signs, there is a lot of sturdy and durable plastic materials. By bending them slightly, the consistency of these plastics can be evaluated. They ‘re dense and they’re bending a little (not much). Too much bend means low plastic and there is no bend which shows that plastic is fragile and easy to break. They ‘re both bad news.

6. Auto-charging and Auto-start features

In an emergency light, these apps may be useful. The light can be mounted and automatically disabled when a power coupe takes place or when the power supply disconnects. Do not have to load and/or turn the light on / off over and over again.

7. Overcharge and Over-discharge protection features

When the light is heading overcharged or discharged above a certain mark, an emergency light with this safety feature automatically activates/offs. This increases battery life and makes the user more relaxed.

8. Additional features

A clock or a watch, which will tell you time, are additional features to an emergency light. This clock should also be waterproof and can tell when it is dark.

There will be a small utility handle as well. Instead, you can wrap your hands around the tool with great comfort.

Final Thoughts:

These, therefore, were India’s top 7 emergency lights. Choose the one you want and your budget is the highest.

So, follow the links, and find yourself a good one. Believe us, you do not regret spending money on any of the Emergency Lights mentioned above.