10 Best Solar Panels’ Price List in India (2021) | Buyer’s Guide

A Solar Panel Price is a device that is used to convert electricity or heat from the energy source. The best renewable source of energy is Solar Energy. A Photovoltaic is a collection of solar cells with an assembly order of 6*10 solar cells. A Photovoltaic system is used to generate solar electricity and it supplies electricity for a residential and commercial purpose. The Benefit of a Solar panel is Solar Water heating systems.

The solar panel can be used to transform some of the electricity in your house to reduce your reliance on conventional power sources. For example, you could set up the best solar panel in India for literally making electricity for devices or illumination, reducing your dependence on the service company, and increasing your income.

When using a solar panel to generate power, no greenhouse fume pollutants are released into the environment. And as the sun produces more power than we will ever need, solar power remains a particularly relevant source of energy in the movement to clean up energy generation. Solar panels generate power by converting the constant sun-to-heat power flow.

When power is generated by solar panels, no dangerous emissions are released into the atmosphere. In fact, there is no need for oil plus the photovoltaic system which transforms sunlight into electricity has no increased costs. That’s why it should start to be used now.

Check out these 10 Bestselling Solar Panels.

1.Loom Solar 180 Watt Mono-Crystalline Panel 

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Loom Solar has the widest range of solar panels varying from 10 watts to 350 watts. These are eligible for ROHS and CE. Loom solar 180-watt solar panel is composed to produce power from the sun in relation to A-grade black silicon cells. The batteries are made of silicone of higher class, which provides a tremendous capacity of up to 20 percent and works great under low light. It remains the most advanced panels in monocrystalline engineering which appear for outdoor applications with IP 67 compliant junction with MC4 connections, 5 busbars 36 cells, and a 1-meter cord.

Loom solar Panel 180-watt solar panel consists of black silicon A-grade cells to generate solar power. The batteries are made of silicon of higher quality that gives up to 20% more extraordinary efficiency and under low light performs more steady. It remains the most advanced panels in monocrystalline technology that comes with a rated IP 67 junction with MC4 connectors, 5 busbars 36 cells, including 1-meter wire that is reported for external use.

Performance and productivity are great when it comes to efficiency. In addition, when you compare it to the price, the technical specifications are great. And, if you’re willing to buy a service that fits all your power demands, that’s the one for you. Here are some of the product’s functionality that you should review for the same issue. Review out the features below to help you better pick the product.


  • Withstand high wind and snow loads
  • Compatible with on-grid and off-grid inverters
  • Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc): 23.26 Volt,
  • optimum operating current (Imp): 9.03 Amps,
  • short-circuit current :(Isc): 9.31 Amps.
  • High modules conversion efficiency
  • Dimension-L-1490,W-665,H-35

2.Solodine 150W 12V Polycrystalline Solar Panel 12V

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Solodine Solar Panel & Accessories refers to the Crave It India brand developed in 2018, including a partner to obtain its manufacturing produced in India through leading TIER 1 solar installation. Through its plants in Surat and Umbergaon near Gujarat, it holds India’s highest 1.5 GW solar PV cell output capacity.

Waaree Energies continues to be one of India’s best players in the manufacture of EPC products, rooftop systems, project development including solar water pumps and an independent power generator. Waaree has access to more than 280 locations across the country and 68 nations around the world.

This Solodine service is great in terms of expenditure. This solar panel can be purchased by anyone from an upper-middle-class family. This solar panel has different features that we will explain in the section below.


  • Superior Polycrystalline Solar Module, 150 Watt, 12 Volt
  • IEC and MNRE Approved
  • Excellent Energy Generation in Weak Lights
  • Stable Performance due to IP67 Waterproof Junction Box
  • Certificates:- ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate, IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 A Level Certification; TUV Certified
  • 25 yrs performance warranty

3.Sukam Solar Panel 150W – 12V

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If you’re looking for India’s most desirable Sukam solar panel, this brand is the perfect option for you. It helps to significantly conserve the house’s electrical power. In addition, multiple devices can be powered with a single solar panel. This particular product has been embraced by various users and they are more than happy to share their experiences.

This specific solar panel has several features that we will cover in the next chapter. They should also be aware that this product is available at a cheaper price, and those searching for solar panels within a budget can choose the same brand. So now you have to intend to invest in the service. It item is ideally suited to garden and outdoor use and helps well to be an electrical power substitution.

This solar panel from Sukam would work great in every way compared to any other service provider. So now you can try to use it. Here are some of the features you need to check out right now.


  • Sukam Solar Panel 12v – 150watts
  • 5 yrs Warranty – 25 Yrs Performance Warranty.
  • Save your Electrical Bill with Sukam Solar.

4.Loom Solar Panel 160W – 12 Volt (Pack of 2)

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 Here are some of the features you need to check out right now. The batteries are made of higher quality silicon, which allows up to 16 percent cell regeneration. Loom solar panel  includes the most reliable solar panels in multi-crystalline technology, including 5 bus bars with 36 cells.

There is a fixed junction box IP 67 with MC4 supporting cable connector for higher efficiency of the module. Overall, within the budget, the solar cable can be regarded as a great product. So, to buy one for the same, you can keep this in mind. There are certain features you need to know about. If you are interested in further checking the features, be sure to check them out below.


  • A+ Grade, Anti PID Mono Cells
  • Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc): 22.54 volts, optimum operating current (Imp): 8.34 amps,
  • short-circuit current :(Isc): 8.84 amps.
  • High modules conversion efficiency
  • Ground mount compatible
  • (L*W*H) (1490*665*35)mm

5.Luminous 325W Solar Panels PolyCrystalline (24V)

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To generate electricity from solar panels, luminous solar panel 325 watt-24 volts is used. To make use of in homes and offices, it is combined with inverters to generate electricity. In fact, thanks to its efficiency and performance, this is considered the best solar panel in India. If you’re looking for a product that can deliver the best performance for you and is also long-lasting, it’s this product.

We also know that you only make your decision to buy product after you have checked the online review. That’s why we have to remind you that this service is the only item from Amazon to get all 5 stars. We recognize that the cost is quite high compared to other items, but you will appreciate the price worth paying once you come across the features and specifications.


  • Output power: 325watts
  • Space requirement: 20 sq. Feet
  • Operating voltage: 24volts
  • Panel technology: Polycrystalline
  • Performance warranty: 25 years

6.Jighisol Portable Solar Panel (10W and 12V)

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This Jighisol solar panel is a portable solar panel at an affordable price. If you are willing to buy a solar panel that can be shipped from one location to another, you can choose the same item. In fact, it includes a 150w cell solar unit. The ability is fantastic and is strongly expressed in the product’s efficiency. We have to admit that this brand is a long-lasting item when it comes to longevity.

The manufacturer of this solar panel is renowned for producing the high-end solar panel, and by creating this product they have proved the same. In this case, the solar module is monocrystalline as well as polycrystalline. There are also certain characteristics of this particular product that distinguish this product from the rest of the market.

And, if you’re searching for a portable solar panel that offers the best quality, make sure you choose the same item. See below for the best features.


  • Solar panel
  • Solar module
  • 10W and 12V

7.Loom Solar 125W -12 Volt Monocrystalline Panel Solar Panel Price

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You can count on this product if you’re looking for Loom solar panel with the most advanced technological features. This is a brand that has India’s best technical features. Being in an affordable range for Indian users, its solar panel is like never before highlighting the monocrystalline technology.

It also consists of A+ anti-PID mono cells. And, next time you’re shopping for a solar panel, make sure to go for this one as it will give you the best quality and longevity. There are certain features that distinguish this product from others. We’re going to mention some of the things you should try out below. Check the list of features below which separates this product from the others.


  • 125 Watt, 12 Volt Mono-Crystalline Panel
  • Space Requirement – 16 sq. feet
  • Panel Technology – Mono-Crystalline
  • A+ Grade, Anti PID Mono Cells
  • Dimension (L*W*H)mm – 1020*665*35

8.Loom Solar 350 watt – 24 Volt Panel 

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Loom solar 340-watt solar panel consists of mono perk cells which provide up to 20% more powerful performance. It remains India’s most innovative solar panel engineering which works even in hazy weather in low light plus. The solar panel’s batteries are made up of anti-PID cells, which is an A grade. This contains the most efficient solar panels in monocrystalline design which comes with 5 bus bars comprising 72 cells.

The IP 67 rated junction box is manufactured with a higher module capacity MC4 connector. It has a particular quality of the building, it functions well during cloudy weather. As expected, the production of electricity remains modest but more efficient than the additionally available technologies in India.

There’s genuine energy enough to handle a home inverter, good ampere even starts charging early in the day until late evening on gloomy days. There are various features that you should learn about this service. Check out the following features.

9.Luminous Solar Panel Poly 160 W / 12 V

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If you’re wondering which solar panel in India is better, then you should go for this model. With a 25-year quality guarantee, this brand remains one of the top options for people in India searching for a solar panel. Nevertheless, this is one of those high-budget solar panels. Some people may still be able to afford this product, but some may prefer cheaper products than the same.

It’s something unparalleled when it comes to product performance. This particular product also has certain features that make it one of the rest. So, if you’re looking for a product that can give you the best features, be sure to check out the features below to help you distinguish it from the rest on the market.

10.Luminous 160Watt Solar Panel

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For loading the lead-acid tubular battery, luminous solar panel 160 watt-12 volts mount. It can charge the battery all day long from 9 a.m. around 5 p.m. The 160-watt Luminous solar panel remains less than 12 volts of the highest capacity panel. If you have an initial battery-based inverter, you can buy a board of 12 volts-160 watts. This generates a voltage of 8.7 amps while the sun is at the maximum. The solar panel size is 4.8 inches * 2.1 feet (length * width).

These are some of the attributes that differentiate this particular product from the rest of India. If you are searching for a budget-friendly solar panel and are willing to invest in it as soon as possible, be sure to keep this particular product in mind. You’ll get it available online and offline. There is some additional product functionality that you should be conscious of. Find out the details.


  • Material: Metal, Color: Multicolor
  • Package Contents:1-Piece Solar
  • Output power: 160 watts
  • Space required: 12 sq. Feet
  • Operating voltage: 12v
  • Panel technology: Polycrystalline
  • Performance warranty: 25 years

Buyer Guide – Solar Panel Price

Buying a solar panel can be a great experience, but with the advertisement and promotions, you should not get There are various things to remember when selecting a solar panel. We would explore with you some of the best requirements to help you pick a solar panel. extremely carried away.

Here are some of the points that will enable you to purchase for your house or workplace in India a budget-friendly and reliable solar panel.

Solar Panel Price Ideas: You need to get an idea of the market price of the solar panels. Possessing realistic price concepts can drive you to buy a solar panel that can offer the quality you need. Verify poor installation work and check online prices. You need to compare prices with the actual market for different online retailers or portals. Therefore, when you plan to purchase a solar panel, keep this particular factor in mind.

Certifications of Solar Panel: It applies to investments in each solar panel, though mainly to investments that could attract a rebate from the state. It applies to investments in each solar panel, though mainly to investments that could attract a rebate from the state. TUV IEC 61215 confirms that these solar panels passed through an objective laboratory examination and convened their sponsored designations. Certain levels for qualification usually remain self-assessed. Consequently, we depend on the impartiality of the company in what it demands.

Mounting of Solar Panel: Make sure that the method of shelter, area mounting or tracing is certified by a technician for the region in which you stay. For example, if you live in a region that is prone to cyclones, make sure that the mounting arrangement and mounting support rate as additional cyclones. Good quality structures are an assurance for water. You also don’t want the system to start off in a roaring storm.

Solar Panel Price Range

Depending on the quantity solar panels cost ranges between Rs 30 and Rs 50 per watt by the generation of power. Solar PV system costs around 1 lakh in India.

How does the Solar panel works?

Generally, Solar panels are installing on the rooftops in which the sunlight absorbs from the sun. Silicon and the conductors in the solar panel convert the sunlight energy into the Direct current which then continues as flow to the converter. The inverter gets converts from DC to AC power in which can be used at homes. The electricity which is not utilized can be fed back to the layout. You can buy electricity when your solar panels offer less power.

Benefits of Solar panels 

  • Solar panels are one of the energy sources use to convert heat or electricity.
  • Installation of solar panels helps you to conflict the greenhouse gas and it reduces the dependence on Fossil fuels.
  • Fossil fuels like coal and natural gas are the source of energy from traditional electricity.

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With all the benefits that solar panels offer, they emerge as the best energy resource available now. Check out the above-listed products, and pick one that best suits you. Hope the above factors mentioned in our buyer’s guide will help you to pick one.  So, make sure you go through the above sections and choose your pick wisely.

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