7 Best Solar Inverter Price List In India | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

A Solar inverter is a device that uses to convert the Direct current output into an alternating current(AC) of a photovoltaic solar panel. A utility frequency alternating current can be moved into an electrical grid and off-grid electrical network. Solar power inverters have a variety of functions that are being adapted for the purpose of photovoltaic arrays.

Solar inverters are classified on the basis of their activity and grid power contact. Here we have checked products such as Su-Kam, Luminous and Exide’s latest solar inverters. The increasing awareness that conventional energy supplies are vulnerable to depletion has made people shift to other, cheaper, freely available and renewable energy options.

1.Luminous Solar NXG hybrid Inverter 1800/24V UPS

Solar inverter

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A hybrid inverter is a luminous solar 1800 with a 40 amp built-in charge controller. Its inverter provides a preference for the usage of solar power because it is the smartest solar panel in India. The battery is powered as per the availability of sunlight, either from the grid or from the solar panel.

Battery-saving and charging is done simultaneously when there is ample solar energy, but it generally gives preference to charging the solar battery if the solar generation is inadequate. This one is considered to be India’s best hybrid inverter.


  • Sine wave output offers improved performance and protection to the connected load.
  • Recharge time is about 10-12 hours
  • Low cut off electricity saves up to three to five units per day.
  • The UPS delivers both AC and DC output.
  • Solar panel compatibility can reach up to 1000 watt PV.
  • An intelligent logic system gives a thorough consumption of solar energy.


  • Negligible amount of  heat generation as compared to other Inverters
  • Battery supports all the brands of appliances.
  • Affordable and worth the money.
  • Inbuilt PWM charge controller can run a load of up to five lights, five ceiling fans, one television, and one water cooler.


  • May change the output terminal at times.
  • There is a buzzing sound when it operates on the battery.
  • Noisy when swapping to battery from the mains.

2.Microtek MSUN 935 12V Digital Display Solar Inverter UPS

Solar inverter

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Microtek MSUN 935 VA is an off-grid solar inverter built to provide solar panel electricity. It’s a starting platform, built with new advanced technology, Microtek M-SUN solar UPS. Its technology improve efficiency and significant durability has been achieve.

It is integrated with a smart solar charge device intrinsic to 30amp. The solar sine wave processing used increases the battery life and therefore the device must be sustained with minimal effort.


  • Micro-controller DSPIC based intelligent control design.
  • Microtek solar inverters with 30 amps chargers which supports a panel connectivity of 600 Wp.
  • Dual charging, mains mode and solar mode -solar panel up to 600w-12v mode, dual charging, mains mode and solar mode -solar panel up to 600w-12v model
  • Smart P.M. regulated multistage automatic trickle mode for charging.


  • The inverter has a running power of up to ten lights, three ceiling fans, one television, and one refrigerator.
  • LED and Graphical Display of status and fault
  • Smarter and faster overload intelligence and short circuit guard.


  • Heats up soon

3.FlinSlim Lite Solar Hybrid Inverter

Solar inverter

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FlinSlim Lite Solar Hybrid Inverter comes from Flin Power and this unique inverter is a next-generation, hybrid inverter capable of storing the power you generate and keeping you linked to the local power grid. Like its big brother, the Dual MPPT inverter, the Lite Solar Hybrid inverter is also designed in an artistic way, but unlike the Dual MPPT inverter, it comes without the MPPT solar charge controller.

Instead, it comes with a PWM charging system that guarantees optimum solar energy use.


  • Pure Sine Wave Hybrid Inverter with 93% peak efficiency
  • In-built PWM high-quality solar charge controller
  • Now comes with power factor 1, so you get full 3kW power
  • Double Surge Power Capacity
  • Slim Design, Light Weight & Wall Mountable


  • Automatically switches between battery power and grid power.
  • The intelligent system gives top priority to solar power.
  • Lightweight and wall mountable.
  • Double surge power capacity.


  • In-built PWM charge controller means lesser power produced compared to the FlinSim Dual MPPT.

4.Exide Solar Inverter

Solar inverter

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Exide Solar Inverters used advanced microprocessor technology to produce high-efficiency inverters that can more than transform DC power from solar panels into functional AC electricity. Together with MPPT technology, they used high-quality MOSFETs to create an inverter capable of achieving a peak efficiency of 80%. It has a feature called “Solar Prioritization,” which means that grid electricity use when it is absolutely necessary.


  • Exide Solar Inverter 850va 12V
  • 40Amps Solar Charge Controller with LCD
  • PCU Technology (Automatically run load on solar at day time)
  • Solar charger efficiency ≥95%


  • In-built MPPT ensures maximum production of power.
  • The thermostatically controlled fan ensures optimum temperature conditions.


  • The efficiency of 80% is quite poor.

5. Su-Kam Brainy Eco

Solar inverter

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Brainy Eco from Su-Kam is fast becoming one of India’s best dual inverters. Nicknamed “India’s Most Smart Solar Inverter,” the Brainy Eco comes with a smart charging system that ensures that your batteries are always charged while using as little grid power as possible.

It has also been designed to give solar power the first option to power your home, while it only requires grid power when there is not enough energy coming from either the solar modules or the batteries.


  • Automatic temperature compensate
  • Charging sharing
  • Priority to solar for charging
  • Protection against high current
  • Pv reverse protection


  • 6 stage battery charging process, helps charge battery efficiently and increases the life of the battery.
  • The intelligent system minimizes grid power usage.
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) helps increase battery life.


  • Uses the PWM charge controller.

6.Microtek Hybrid Solar UPS/ Inverter

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The Hybrid Solar Inverter from Microtek is designed to harvest solar energy. Like any other hybrid inverter, this inverter can also store the energy created by the solar modules while transmitting any excess energy to the local power grid.

This is a pure sine wave inverter, ensuring that this can even control all high-end devices, without any worries about harm to the electronics.


  • Specially designed sinewave solar ups model for backup for computers
  • Microtek solar ups integrate with an in-built 30amp solar charge controller, which enables the conversion of solar power to electricity
  • Dual charging mode – mains mode and solar mode, best for long power cuts, rural areas
  • While charging battery from solar power as against mains, 98 percent of efficiency deliver
  • Up to 500w solar panel for ss 1130 model, Exide solar panel with 25 years performance warranty
  • Material: Metal
  • Color: Silver
  • Package Contents:1 Hybrid Solar UPS


  • Dual charging mode allows for charging of battery even through grid power, which can be very useful in places with long power cuts.


  • The peak efficiency of 80% is a deal-breaker.

7. FlinSlim Dual MPPT

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A Flin Energies inverter, which is part of Flin Technologies Pvt, is the FlinSlim Dual MPPT hybrid inverter. Ltd. is a leading company for renewable energy. A pure sine wave inverter with an incorporated MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) solar charge transmitter is the FlinSlim Dual MPPT hybrid inverter. It has a sleek, elegant look and is simple to install.

On the performance side, this thing of beauty even provides a peak productivity of 93%.


  • Pure Sine Wave Solar Hybrid Inverter with 90% peak efficiency
  • In-built Two MPPT Solar Charge Controllers – Connect Up to 6000W PV
  • Double Surge Power Capacity
  • Advanced Monitoring software included for free
  • Slim Design, Light Weight & Wall Mountable


  • The in-built MPPT solar charge controller enables a generation of 25-30% more power than other inverters.
  • Double surge power capacity enables it to power inductive loads with ease.
  • Beautifully designed and easy to mount.
  • The intelligent system gives priority to solar power over grid power.


  • Costs significantly higher than the others on this list.

Solar Inverter Buyer’s Guide

IP Rating

Ingress Safety Score provides for IP score. The IP quality is an indicator of how well the inverter is secure from dust, wind, etc. Inverters endure harsh conditions such as high temperatures, wind, mud, and voltage variations. An inverter’s IP rating will inform you how well the inverter is cover against such harsh conditions.

The IP rating is a double-digit number, and the inverter provides certain protection for each digit. The following infographic will help you to better understand this.


The significant parameter to remember when buying a solar inverter is the solar inverter’s capacity. The inverter’s output defines how much of the solar panel’s energy is transformed into available AC electricity. Due to heat generation and a few other disadvantages, most of the DC power that comes to the inverter is wasted. Therefore, the inverter’s output is increasing, the losses are smaller.

But an inverter’s efficiency increases as you increase the power you use. This means that the efficiency of the inverter can be around 50%  when very little power use and can go over 90%  when the output approaches the rated output of the inverter.

Therefore, most manufacturers give the highest output value that the inverter can attain. The greater the efficiency, the higher the performance.

Power Consumption of Solar Inverters

The charge section should use resources effectively. Solar energy is needed to charge Solar Inverter’s batteries. If the charging device is not energy efficient, it can allow the power to be lost even when the battery is fully charged.

Duration of the Battery Backup

The formula:

Time = Battery Voltage x Battery Capacity x Inverter Efficiency / Load

(Battery Voltage in Volts, Battery capacity in AH, Load  in VA)

Types of Solar Inverters 

There are three types of Solar Inverters. They are:

  • Stand-alone inverters
  • Grid-tie inverters
  • Battery backup inverters

Benefits of Solar Inverters 

✔It helps in reducing global warming and the greenhouse effect.
✔ used to convert DC into AC which helps the people.
✔ Solar inverters are cost-effective.

Best solar inverters in India 

  • Microtek Solar Inverter
  • Microtek 1660VA 24V Solar Inverter
  • Su-Kam Solar Sine Wave Inverter
  • Microtek 1130VA 12V Inverter
  • Prosun Energy 850 VA Solar Inverter
  • Luminous 1400VA 24V Solar Inverter

Microtek Solar Inverter Price List 

Microtek solar inverters are built with an integrated 30 amp charge controller of solar which uses to produce electricity from the conversion of solar power. First, a preferable source of energy is solar power. The consumption of electric power is being benefited from the sunlight.

Microtek 1660VA 24V Solar Inverter Price List 

The consumption of electric power is benefit from the sunlight. The most renewable source of energy used is solar power.  They have dual charging mode as a feature with solar panel and grid electricity. There is a backend additional switch that is used for isolating the solar UPS called the bypass switch. The capacity of Microtek 1660VA 24V Solar Inverter is 1600 VA/ 24 V and output power is 1280 Watts.

Su-Kam Solar Sine Wave Inverter Price List 

Su-Kam solar sine wave inverter is a type of stand-alone inverter which is made for the use of customers. The range of stand-alone sine wave solar inverters varies from different types of domestic appliances, industrial machines to communication to sense the electronic devices.

Microtek 1130VA 12V Inverter Price List 

Sinewave Solar UPS models are designed especially for the archiving of computers. Solar UPS of Microtek is made up of a 30amp charge controller which is inbuilt used to produce electricity from the conversion of solar power.

Luminous 1400VA 24V Solar Inverter Price List 

Luminous 400VA 24V Solar Inverter is suitable for PV panels of 400Wp. It contains an LVD feature and a DC load controller. Battery protection increases and requires current charging. one of the features of Luminous 400VA 24V Solar Inverter is prepared with all the necessary electrical protections.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do Solar Inverters do?

A solar inverter transforms the direct variable current of the photovoltaic solar panel into alternating current in a conventional electrical system. It is necessary to provide the AC current to household appliances.

2. How long does a Solar Inverter last?

A solar inverter can have a shelf life of up to 20 years depending on the quality of the inverter.

3. What is the ideal capacity of inverter?

The inverter’s efficiency is measured depending on the period it takes to back up. The greater the duration you require the backup will be the power of the battery.

4. Are solar inverters noisy?

Depending on the quality of the inverter, the DC current can transform to the AC current.

5. Do all the inverters turn off after sunset?

Some of the inverters turn off at night; as there is no power produce, this is completely normal. Then these inverters are checking themselves. And, when the solar radiation is at the optimum point, every morning the inverter will continue to work on a routine basis, then it will start feeding the grid with electricity.


Solar inverters are the brains behind the array of solar power. So, before taking your final decision, give it a good thought. The solar inverter should be able to make the most of your solar modules while being highly efficient.

A good inverter should produce high efficiency, a pure sine wave output, and a good IP rating. Full Power Point Tracking (MPPT) would also be an incredible added bonus.

Said that you should also take the criteria into account and choose accordingly. Nonetheless, if I had to go with any of the aforementioned goods, I’d go with FlinSlim Dual MPPT. Prices are slightly higher but it’s a one-time investment and it’s worth it all.

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