Monitor Price List in India

Monitor Price List :

A Monitor is a display screen which is used to offer visual output from a video camera, computer, VCR and another generating device. computer monitors make use of LCD(Liquid crystal display) technology and CRT(Cathode ray tube), plasma and LCD technologies.  Ex: Analog monitors, flat display panel, and a digital monitor.

Types of Monitor:

  • LCD (Liquid crystal display) Monitor.
  • CRT (Cathode ray tube) Monitor.

What is Data usage monitor?
Each network has a data flow connection which allows the monitor to connect all the networks that can be maintained separately.

What do you mean by Heart rate monitor?
A heart rate monitor is a device which is used to measure heart rate and for monitoring the personal aspects.
Heart rate is used largely by the performers of physical exercise.

Top Monitors Price List in India:

Dell Monitors Price List:

Monitor NamePrice
Dell 18 5 inch Monitor 1918HRs.5344
Dell E1916H 18 5 Backlight MonitorRs.5490
Dell D1918H 18 5 inch LED MonitorRs.5524
Dell E1916HV 18 5 inch Monitor BlackRs.5630
Dell E1916HV Mountable LED Lit MonitorRs.5855
Dell E2016HV 20 inch LED MonitorRs.5995
Dell E1715S 17 inch MonitorRs.8399
Dell E2218HN LED MonitorRs.8715
Dell SE2216H 22 inch LED Lit MonitorRs.8879
Dell SE2216HV Screen LED Lit MonitorRs.9999
Dell Screen LED Lit Monitor S2218HRs.10255
Dell SE2416H 24 inch Monitor BlackRs.11740
Dell 17 Square Led MonitorRs.11900
Dell Professional Square Monitor P1917SRs.12225
Dell Professional Square Monitor P1917SRs.12225
Dell P2217H 21 5 inch Professional MonitorRs.12500
Dell Monitor E2418HN HDMI PortRs.13950
Dell S2316H Inch Full MonitorRs.14999
Dell S2415H 24 Inch Screen MonitorRs.17000
Dell Screen LED Lit Monitor S2418HRs.18265
Dell UltraSharp U2412M 24 inch MonitorRs.18968
Dell U2415 24 inch UltraSharp MonitorRs.22000
Dell UltraSharp U2414H 23 8 MonitorRs.26000
Dell UltraSharp Infinity Monitor U2417HRs.26880
2017 Dell Widescreen Performance MonitorRs.26939
Dell U2414H 23 8 inch LED MonitorRs.27000
Dell 23 Inch LED lit Monitor E2318HxRs.27044
Dell S2240T 21 5 inch HD MonitorRs.28700
DELL UltraSharp U2417H 23 8 BlackRs.29000
Dell E2416HM G0RH1 24 0 MonitorRs.29486
Performance Dell LED Backlit Resolution WidescreenRs.30027
Dell 23 Widescreen Monitor CompatibilityRs.30134
Dell Screen LED Lit Monitor S2718HRs.32990
Dell Ultrasharp 25 Monitor UP2516DRs.34000
Performance Dell Widescreen FreeSync ResolutionRs.37049
Dell 1908FP UltraSharp 1280X1024 AdjustableRs.37585
Dell 24 Touch Monitor P2418HTRs.37990
Dell UltraSharp InfinityEdge Monitor U2417HRs.38039
Dell 27 Inch Widescreen FreeSync TechnologyRs.39179
Performance Dell LED Backlit Resolution WidescreenRs.40533
Dell UltraSharp 25 Monitor U2518DRs.41990
Dell U2515H DELLRs.49075
Dell YDPKC 23 Inch LED Lit MonitorRs.49788
Dell U2917W Screen LED Lit MonitorRs.49900
Dell Ultra P2415Q resolution MonitorRs.49990
Dell TD5f1 DELL U2715HRs.51069
Dell P2314T LED Touchscreen MonitorRs.53999
Dell UP2716D 27 inch Monitor BlackRs.56880
Dell UP2716D UltraSharp LED MonitorRs.57000
Dell U2717D 27 inch LED MonitorRs.59990
Dell Ultrasharp 1600x1200 Monitor Height AdjustableRs.63614
Dell Gaming Monitor S2716DG ResolutionRs.65990
Dell UltraHD Monitor P2715QIPS 3840x2160Rs.66999
Dell UP3017 30 Inch Monitor premierRs.69990
Dell S2718D 27 Inch LED Lit MonitorRs.76790
Dell C5517H Conference 1920X1080 ResolutionRs.88900
Dell UltraSharp U3415W Curved MonitorRs.89990
Dell 43 Ultra Client MonitorRs.92990
Dell U3415W UltraSharp Curved MonitorRs.92990
Dell UltraSharp U2717D 27 inch InfinityEdgeRs.98476
Dell UP3216Q UltraSharp WideScreen MonitorRs.1,45,990

Samsung Monitors Price List:

Monitor NamePrice
Samsung S19F350HNW 18 5 inch Monitor BlackRs.5604
Samsung Monitor 18 5inch Mount LS19F350HNWXXLRs.6850
Samsung LS20D300BY XL 19 5 Inch MonitorRs.7500
Samsung 54 6cm 21 5 Monitor LS22F355FHWXXLRs.7794
Samsung LS22E385HS XL 22 inch MonitorRs.9190
Samsung LS22E360HS XL 21 5 inch MonitorRs.9790
Samsung Simple Monitor S24D300H GlossyRs.10175
Samsung LED Monitor 24inch LS24D300HSRs.11498
Samsung LC24F390FHWXXL 23 54 inch Curved MonitorRs.11900
Samsung AH IPS Monitor LS24E360HL XLRs.12199
Samsung LC24F390FHWXXL 23 6 inch Curved MonitorRs.12221
Samsung S24F350FHW 24 inch Monitor GlossyRs.12348
Samsung LS24E510CS XL 23 6 inch MonitorRs.14490
Samsung Inch LED Monitor S27F350FHWRs.17849
Samsung Curved LC27F390FHWXXL 27 inch MonitorRs.18989
Samsung 27E360 27 inch Monitor GlossyRs.18998
Samsung C24FG70 24 inch Curved MonitorRs.24700
Samsung LC27591FDWXXL 27 inch Curved MonitorRs.24999
Samsung 23 6 Inch LU24E590DS MonitorRs.29319
Samsung LU24E590DS 23 5 inch Monitor MetallicRs.29900
Samsung 27 Inch Curved Gaming MonitorRs.33999
Samsung 24 Inch Professional Monitor S24E348ARs.34270
Samsung Monitor premium metallic standRs.36990
Performance Samsung Backlit LED Gaming MonitorRs.37589
Samsung 28 4K Ultra MonitorRs.51965
Samsung 27 Inch LED lit Monitor LC27HG70QQNXZARs.52336.07
Samsung Widescreen Curved 1920x1080 ResolutionRs.52913
2017 Samsung Curved Ultra MonitorRs.55634
Samsung Commercial Displays 32 Inch DC32ERs.57183
Samsung 31 5 Inch LED lit Monitor LU32H750UMNXZARs.57559.64
Samsung 32%C3%A2%E2%82%AC WQHD Monitor S32D850TRs.65568
Samsung 34 Inch Widescreen Monitor C34F791Rs.82422
Samsung CH711 Curved 32 Inch MonitorRs.90009
Samsung LS34E790CNS GO LED Lit MonitorRs.91944
Samsung DC48E Smart Signage Direct LitRs.1,00,000
Samsung UE46D US LED Backlit DisplayRs.1,07,555

Acer Monitors Price List:

Monitor NamePrice
Acer P166HQL 15 6 inch Monitor BlackRs.4750
Acer V196HQL 18 5 inch LED MonitorRs.4999
Acer EB192Q 18 5 inch LED MonitorRs.5450
Acer E1900HQ 18 5 inch LCD MonitorRs.6349
Acer K202HQL 19 5 inch LCD MonitorRs.6499
Acer V206HQL 19 5 inch LED MonitorRs.6750
Acer KA220HQ 21 5 inch Full MonitorRs.7999
Acer G226HQL 21 5 Inch Screen MonitorRs.9421.55
Acer V196L 19 inch LED MonitorRs.9446
Acer E2200HQ 21 5 Backlit MonitorRs.9499
Acer 221Q Inch LED MonitorRs.9999
Acer KA240HQ Abid Monitor PortsRs.10499
Acer V176L 17 Inch LCD DisplayRs.10587.39
Acer KG221Q bmix FREESYNC TechnologyRs.10699
Acer V226WL bd 1680x1050 LedRs.12947.52
Acer R240HY Abmidx Monitor PortsRs.12990
Acer 241Y Inch LED MonitorRs.12999
Acer ET241Y Abmir 23 8 MonitorRs.13435
Acer KG241Q bmiix Gaming MonitorRs.13499
Acer KG241Q bmiix FREESYNC TechnologyRs.13595
Acer UM EV6AA 001 22 Inch Screen MonitorRs.13817.32
Acer CB241H bmidr 1920x1080 SpkrsRs.14990.61
Acer ED242QR 23 6 inch FREESYNC TechnologyRs.15689.71
Acer S271HL 27 inch LED MonitorRs.16100
Acer ET271bi 27 Inch ZeroFrame MontiorRs.16500
Acer KG271 bmiix FREESYNC TechnologyRs.16900
Acer V226HQL UM WV6AA B01 21 5 Inch LED LitRs.16975
Acer GN246HL Bbid 24 Inch DisplayRs.19900
Acer KG270 biix FREESYNC TechnologyRs.20508.2
Acer UT220HQL 21 5 inch MonitorRs.21999
Acer S271HL LED LCD MonitorRs.23522
Acer Business Widescreen Monitor SpeakersRs.28105
Acer UM HB6AA C04 27 2560x1440 SpeakersRs.30861.87
Acer XF250Q Abmiidprzx FREESYNC TechnologyRs.35238.68
Acer Predator XB271H Abmiprz MonitorRs.49990
Acer H277HK smidppx FREESYNC TechnologyRs.58697.03
Acer Predator XB271HU Tbmiprz MonitorRs.58999
Acer Predator XB271HU 2560X1440 MonitorRs.58999
Acer Predator XB271HU bmiprz 2560x1440Rs.59980
Acer B326HUL LED LCD MonitorRs.79285
Acer B346CK LED LCD MonitorRs.80324
Acer Predator Z35 35 inch speakersRs.85000
Acer CZ340CK UltraWide Display MonitorRs.96628
Acer Predator 34 Inch Ultrawide WidescreenRs.1,55,999

Benq Monitors Price List:

Monitor NamePrice
BenQ BL702A 17 inch SquareRs.6900
BenQ GW2270 21 5 inch Backlit MonitorRs.7590
BenQ GW2270HM Premium Backlit MonitorRs.7800
BenQ GW2270H 21 5inch Flicker MonitorRs.8198
BenQ GW2470HL 23 8 inch Monitor BlackRs.9888
BenQ BL912 19 inch SquareRs.10100
BenQ VZ2250H 21 5 bezel MonitorRs.10500
BenQ GW2406Z Flicker free Backlit MonitorRs.11570
BenQ GW2480 Brightness Intelligence Flicker freeRs.12499
BenQ inch SXGA LED BacklitRs.12890
BenQ RL2455 60 96cm Response Ultra FastRs.14099
BenQ RL2455HM Console Gaming MonitorRs.14590
BenQ RL2455 Console Sports MonitorRs.14899
BenQ BL2423PT 24 inch Monitor BlackRs.16064
BenQ EW2775ZH Flicker free Premium BacklitRs.16694
BenQ GC2870H 28 inch Monitor GlossyRs.18399
BenQ BL2411PT Panel Business MonitorRs.24990
BenQ BL2420PT Designer Monitor EditingRs.24999
BenQ XL2411Z Monitor Supported seamlessRs.24999
BenQ EW2770QZ 27 inch Monitor SilverRs.31815
BenQ GW2765HT Wide Quad MonitorRs.33500
BenQ XL2720 68 58cm Sports MonitorRs.34466
BenQ PD2700Q 27 inch Monitor BlackRs.34996
BenQ EX3200R Premium Backlit MonitorRs.35990
BenQ XL2536 Gaming LED Lit MonitorRs.43533.68
BenQ GL2706PQ Flicker free Adjustable 2560x1440Rs.46019
BenQ PD2710QC 27 inch Monitor SilverRs.53023.9
BenQ PD3200Q 32 inch Monitor BlackRs.53024
BenQ BL3200PT Flicker free 2560x1440 SuperiorRs.56321
BenQ BL2711U 3840x2160 Superior DesignerRs.60000
BenQ BL3210PT Flicker free 3840x2160 SuperiorRs.74121.94
BenQ XR3501 35 inch Curved MonitorRs.90554
BenQ Android Embedded Signage ST550KRs.93000

LG Monitors Price List:

Monitor NamePrice
LG 16M38I M 15 6 inch LED MonitorRs.4860
LG 19M38A 18 5 inch Monitor BlackRs.5250
LG 16M38A 16 inch Monitor BlackRs.5297.76
LG 19M38HB 18 5 inch LED MonitorRs.5299
LG 19M38A B 46 99 18 5 MonitorRs.5387
LG 16M37 15 6 Monitor BlackRs.5400
LG 16M35A B 16M35 LED MonitorRs.5400
LG 19M48A 19 inch Monitor BlackRs.5700
LG 19M37A B 19M37A 18 5 inch MonitorRs.6000
LG 20MP48HB 20 inch Monitor BlackRs.6150
LG 20M37D Backlit Monitor blackRs.6890
LG MONITOR 20MP47A display ContrastRs.7499
LG 22M38D 21 5 inch Monitor BlackRs.7848
LG 22M38H 21 5 inch LED MonitorRs.7889
LG 20MN48A 49 53 19 5 MonitorRs.8180
LG 22MP48HQ 22 inch Monitor BlackRs.8299
LG 22MN48 Inches MONITOR blackRs.10240
LG 22MP68VQ Full MONITOR 1920x1080Rs.10275
LG 23MP48HQ 23 inch Monitor BlackRs.10485
LG 19MB35 Monitor 1280x1024 CalibratedRs.10850
LG 24M38H 23 5 inch Monitor BlackRs.10889
LG Monitor 22MN48ARs.10990
LG 23MP68VQ Class Full MonitorRs.12964
LG Gaming 24MP59G 24 inch MonitorRs.14750
LG 24MP88HV S 24 inch Slim MonitorRs.15764
LG 24MP58VQ Class Full MonitorRs.15790
LG 25UM58 25 inch UltraWide MonitorRs.16650
LG Gaming 27MP59G 27 inch MonitorRs.18990
LG 27MP38VQ 27inch Full MonitorRs.19488
LG 21 Ultrawide 29 inch MonitorRs.20995
LG 24GM79G B Reduction FreeSyncTM StabilizerRs.22322.46
LG Gaming 24GM79 24 inch MonitorRs.22385
LG 32MN58H 31 5 inch Full HD MonitorRs.23450
LG 32MN58H 31 5 inch Full HD MonitorRs.23450
LG Electronics Widescreen Brightness DisplayPortRs.23500
LG 27MP68HM Full Slim MonitorRs.23800
LG 4K UHD 24UD58 24 inch MonitorRs.27000
LG Electronics 27EC33V B 27 Inch MonitorRs.31849.55
LG 29 inch UltraWide Business MonitorRs.33900
LG Diagonal Calibrated FreeSyncTM TechnologyRs.36420
LG 4K UHD 27UD68P B 27 inch MonitorRs.36500
LG 43SE3KB BLACK Inches screenRs.37999
LG 32 Inch Professional Wall Mount CompatibleRs.45824
LG Inch Full 1920 ScreenRs.46979
LG 27UD88 27 inch UHD MonitorRs.48000
LG 34UM58 P 34 Class UltraWideRs.49857
LG Splitscreen Accessories Universal TransformerRs.50156
LG 34 WFHD 2560x1080 UltraWideRs.55859
LG 34UM60 P 34 Inch Ultrawide FreesyncRs.57755
LG 29 Inch 21 UltraWide 2560x1080Rs.59654
LG Electronics 21 34UM68 P LED LitRs.61909
LG 21 Ultrawide 34UC98 W 34 inchRs.83900
LG 55SE3KB BLACK Inches screenRs.90000
LG Electronics 49SE3KB B Screen MonitorRs.1,05,703
LG 34UC79G B 34 Inch 21 UltraWideRs.1,06,022

HP Monitors Price List:

Monitor NamePrice
HP 19KA 18 5 inch Backlit MonitorRs.5384
HP 19K 18 5 Backlit MonitorRs.5899
HP 20KD 19 5 inch Backlit MonitorRs.6258
HP 20WD 19 45 Inch Backlit MonitorRs.6970
HP Widescreen Monitor M1T37AA BlackRs.9999
HP 21 5 Inch Monitor Nearly BorderlessRs.10199
HP 24ES 23 8 inch Monitor BlackRs.13400
HP X6W27AA 23 8 inch Monitor NaturalRs.16884
HP 27es Display Backlit MonitorRs.21900
HP X6W33AA 27 inch Monitor NaturalRs.25900
HP Z7Y58AA 25 inch Gaming MonitorRs.26208
HP W8L45AA 23 8 inch Monitor BlackRs.26350
HP 22es Monitor Natural silverRs.26777
HP Premium Business 1920x1080 BacklightRs.29170
HP Z4N75AA 27 inch Curved MonitorRs.29990
HP F4M97A8 ABA LED MonitorRs.30673
HP 27es Monitor Natural SilverRs.32667
HP Business Premium 1920x1080 BacklightRs.32727
HP LE2201w 22 Inch Widescreen MonitorRs.43807
HP Z6W67AA 27 inch Monitor BlackRs.44889
HP A1X78AA ABA Screen MonitorRs.75264
HP Z4D34AA 27 inch Gaming MonitorRs.76876
HP 32 Inch Display Olufsen SpeakersRs.87791
HP ENVY 34 inch Curved MonitorRs.1,09,094

Asus Monitors Price List:

Monitor NamePrice
Asus VH168D 15 6 Wide MonitorRs.4599
Asus VS207DF 19 5 inch LCD MonitorRs.5865
ASUS VS197D P 1366x768 Back lit MonitorRs.7843.17
ASUS VS228DE Monitor 1920x1080 D SubRs.8990
Asus VS228NE 21 5 inch LED MonitorRs.8999
Asus VE198T 19 Widescreen LCDRs.9111.29
ASUS VX207DE 19 5 Eycare MonitorRs.9999
ASUS VB199T 1280x1024 Back lit MonitorRs.11944.93
Asus VS229H P 22 Inch Class 21 5 MonitorRs.12255.19
ASUS VP247H Gaming Monitor ConnectivityRs.12300
ASUS MB168B Portable monitor Auto rotatableRs.13153.45
ASUS VS248HR Gaming LED MonitorRs.13990
Asus VZ249H 24 inch Monitor HDMIRs.14470
ASUS VT168H 15 6 inch Touch MonitorRs.15120
ASUS VC239H inch Eyecare MonitorRs.15200
Asus VS239HV Full LED monitorRs.16999
Asus VS239HV Ultra Monitor blackRs.17499
Asus MX259H Designo Ultra Low FramelessRs.18010.55
ASUS VT207N 19 5 inch widescreen displayRs.18636.48
Asus VK228H CSM 21 5 LED MonitorRs.22367
Asus VX279N 27 inch LED MonitorRs.22500
Asus VN279QL 27 inch Full HD LED litRs.23375.71
ASUS VS24AH P 24 Inch LED Lit MonitorRs.24336.29
ASUS VX228H Gaming Monitor 1920x1080Rs.25132
Asus VG248QE Monitor response RefreshRs.26050
Asus PA238Q 23 inch MonitorRs.26600
Asus MX259H Designo Monitor EycareRs.26949
ASUS VZ27AQ Eye Care MonitorRs.38999
Asus PB287Q 28 inch Gaming MonitorRs.44690
ASUS VA326H Gaming Monitor 1920x1080Rs.45780
ASUS MG278Q 27 inch LCD MonitorRs.46675
Asus PB298Q 29 inch MonitorRs.47000
Asus 27 VK278Q LED MonitorRs.48234
ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q overclockableRs.80000
ASUS ROG Swift PG27AQ TechnologiesRs.94500
Asus PG348Q 34 Inch Ultra Wide MonitorRs.1,59,990
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