Top 10 Grass Cutting Machine Price List in India -Buyer Guidelines

A  grass cutting machine, it is using one or more revolving blades to cut a grass surface to an even height. The height of the cut grass may be fixed by the design of the mower. it is able to be changed the way you want by the operator. There are two main styles of blades are used in lawnmowers.

Grass cutting machines are fantastic tools used to keep the landscape safe and clean. These are tools used on a lawn or garden to trim cut slice and chop grasses or weeds. It is essential on land as it helps to monitor the continuous growth of grass over a portion or area of land, making it easier and safer to operate.

Now, while you might wonder why this is possible, it can’t be overemphasized in agriculture. It is a machine that has replaced basic crude farm tools like hoes, cutlasses, etc. in cutting or trimming weeds in a garden. While you may want to seriously consider this tool the best grass cutting machine is perfect for your lawn. The maximum reliability, ease to use and perfect body design.

Many of them have incredible features that you should look for, and we’ll have thorough look at their work, types of mowers, benefits, ways to choose, frequently asked questions, and the top 10 best land mower types for you.

How It Work?

There are several types of grass cutting equipment, but their basic purpose is the same – a weedy field being chopped or grazed. They all need the same thing to make them work effectively and include; the rotating blade, a motor, a handle, and so on. A lawnmower’s rotating blade is by far the most important thing because it replaces a cutlass for grass cutting.

Some machines can make use of electricity while others use gas In general, the device can be used when there is a power-working source. In the beginning, the user may push in areas wherein the garden or field he or she needs to cut grasses or weeds.

To buy the Varieties of Grass cutting Machine online refer to the below list.

1.Grass Trimmer for Cutting Lawn Edges

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One is, a single blade that rotates about a single up-and-down axis are known as rotary mowers. While another is multiple blades that rotate about a single flat/left and right axis are known as tube or reel mowers. The cutting bar the only blade, and the rotating consists of flat metal pieces that force the blades of grass against the sharp cutting bar. These each is suited to a particular purpose. The smallest types are good & best for small lawns and gardens where there are lots of homes.

2.Fiskars StaySharp Max Reel Mower

Grass cutter

One would agree that the Fiskars Reel mower is a distinctive sort of device running on hand energy as well. It is intended as a fresh reversible chute of grass that leaves it extremely powerful, efficient and enhances its durability. This simple machine is easy to use and can be used to chop to the desired height of all types of grasses.

In addition, it could be considered an eco-friendly lawn mower because it is more sophisticated and has operating effectiveness of more than 70 percent; therefore, the InertiaDrive reel is an excellent characteristic of the machine making it a prime option on the industry.

It has no tank ability and can be used in any garden or lawn, irrespective of magnitude. It functions as a barrier shield, in addition to being secure and acting alongside a trimmer as an edger. one of the best sorts of lawn mower accessible for use of any kind.


  • advanced reel mower that’s 60 percent easier to push
  • twice the cutting power to glide through tough spots
  • New reversible grass chute can be positioned to direct clippings
  • 18 inch cut width and cut height can be easily adjusted from 1-4 inch

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3.Falcon Premium 300mm Hand Lawn Mower

Grass cutting

Falcon’s other high-value product is Falcon Premium 300 mm Hand Lawn Mower, available in yellow and black. It is a reliable product and has been seen to produce one of the best cuttings ever seen, helped by its cylindrical mower of small size and lightweight. It is a two-wheel handheld machine and requires little or no maintenance due to its type of duty.

These blades ‘ lengths can be adjusted to fit into the desired fine cut. Because it is lightweight with good plastic wheels, mowing on a proper landscape is very easy and requires little or no effort with good maneuverability skills, movement, and action.


  • makes to easy drive
  • Lightweight system
  • Useful to produce the finest cutting

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4.Sharpex Electric Lawn Mower

grass cuttingSharpex has developed and designed a wide range of industry-specific innovative tools and equipment including gardening, farming, industrial, etc. It is India’s full house gardening service supplier. The products Sharpex has launched to us arrive with stunning characteristics that ensure unimaginable use and implementation.

This 16-inch lawnmower Sharpex blade has a strong engine that delivers better and effective output. It can rapidly chop grass heights between 20 mm and 80 mm. With its grass cabinet and fluorescent, cable emerges the extremely flexible metal head mower. Therefore, you don’t have to care about your lengthy cable.


  • 1800 Watt – 2800 RPM electric motor to quickly and efficiently mow your lawn
  • Front Wheel 6 Inches & Rear Wheels 6 Inches, Blade Size: 16 Inches
  • Sharpex uses a powerful
  • No worries to bring Long cables and Grass Catching Plastic Bags

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5.Black+Decker 1400W Edge-Max Lawn Mower

Grass cutter

Black + Decker is a famous brand and it’s an electrical machine that operates with 1400 W. Its layout is fantastic, but the overall role stays the same, i.e. making your garden feel smooth and dirt-free. It is an intelligent garden tool used in all elements of agriculture, including gardening, agriculture, forestry, etc.

The weight is pretty nice (21 kg); therefore, transportation from one place to another is not too hard. However, it is fitted with E-Drive technology and needs a move down or step-up converter to improve compliance with geographic voltage, i.e., before this unit can be used efficiently. Compatibility of India’s voltage.


  • E-Drive Technology and a powerful 1400W motor mean you can tackle any task with confidence.
  • An integrated carry handle and folding rear handle make moving and storing the easy and hassle-free.
  • Onboard, cable storage facility keeps the long and practical cable tidy and tangle-free.
  • The EdgeMax system works by channeling grass into the sides of the cutting deck so it’s easy to cut right up to the edges using the full width of the blade.

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6.Kisan Kraft KK-LMM-450 Manual Lawn Mower

Grass cutting

Kisan Kraft lawn mower is a manual-powered device intended in less than no moment to perform several lawn and garden employment. It is renowned for its lightweight ownership, which implies that without any trouble it can be performed around. we can also be used in different areas of the garden and on a decent parcel of property can function faster.

It needs a decent quantity of personal commitment and a back and forth motion to be one of the finest electric push mowers. Last but not least, the company Kisan Kraft offered the product at a 6 month warranty period, which means that it can only be used perfectly in that time frame, thus guaranteeing durability.


  • Specification- KK-PSP-22
  • HTP Sprayer- KK-22CI3
  • Engine (PETROL) -4 STROKE(KK-PE4-163)
  • Rated Power- 2.5kW (3.3hp)
  • Displacement- 163cc

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7.Proton Liliput Steel Heavy Electric Lawn Mower

grass cutting machine

PROTON LILIPUT Steel Heavy Electric Lawn Mower another special type of tool made of steel which comes in red and yellow. It is made of heavy-duty metal to withstand heavy operations such as sweeping, planting and grass cutting on a lawn or yard. One might suggest that the form and performance of material used to produce the unit is quite heavy to judge. It’s a 1.5 HP or 1.1 K.W. corded mechanical lawnmower. This ensures that over a short period of time it can do a lot of work.

The package actually arrives with a 400 mm blade that cuts deep and a rope or wire wrapped around the machine’s vertical support. It is heavyweight (57 kg), has a 75 mm peak cutting width and 240 V single-phase voltage. This machine can be used wherever the garden is connected to a power source due to the length of the cord.

However, there are safety measures that come with using the machine for farm operations, such as having the hands covered with gloves at all times, ensuring proper earthling, using the machine when the working area (grass) is clean, and ensuring that the lawn’s height is not greater than 75 mm.


  • Material: Heavy Duty Steel
  • Colour: Red & Yellow
  • 1.5 HP / 1.1 K.W. 400 mm Blade & 50 Mtrs. Cable Along With Lawn Mower
  • Dimensions (L x B x H): 131 cm x 50 cm x 90 cm, Weight: 57 kg
  • Voltage: 240 Voltage Single Phase; Cutting Width: Mix. 75 mm

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8.Kisan Kraft KK-LMM-400 Manual Lawn Mower

Grass cutting machine

The only distinction is that the former needs 450 W of manual energy and the latter requires 400 W of manual power. It is renowned for its lightweight property, ensuring it can be shipped without any difficulties. It can also be used in various parts of the garden and on a reasonable piece of land can work better. Another thing about the machine is its fine design with an easily foldable frame and a strong anti-UV plastic body that is easy to use.

Certain characteristics that make it a good commodity are its cutting diameter of 37 cm, a 20-liter (quite good) brine tank and a 3-level variation of the cutting height range between 20 and 55 mm. This requires a good amount of human energy and a movement back and forth to be a handheld lawnmower.

Last but not least, the business Kisan Kraft sold the brand at a 6-month warranty period, which ensures that it can only be used correctly in that time frame, thereby ensuring longevity.


  • Used for cutting grass in a lawn
  • Package Contents: 1 Lawn Mover
  • Warranty: 6 months on manufacturing defects only
  • Cutting Width: 400 mm (16″) 
  • Height Adjustment: 15-40 mm 
  • Manual push
  • Non-polluting
  • Eco-friendly

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9.MAAX HIVAC 2400 Electric Lawn Mower

Grass cutting machineMAAX HVAC Lawn Mower is an innovative model of a lawnmower with the best available electrical power, i.e. 2400 W. It is a corded machine with four high-impact wheels and movement-friendly rubber tires. It has good, easily adjustable cutting heights, a steel cutting deck with 18 inches which makes it very handy for top-of-the-line operations.

This ensures more than 60 cuts per meter and a bearing with a cylindrical ball suspension similar to the previous model. It has a cutting width of 380 mm and a partitioned powder-coated tube handle that increases storage and mobility. The grass collector has also seen that it is made up of high-quality virgin plastic that is extremely durable and damage-resistant.

The working process involves the machine using its balls bearing support, propelling the rotating cylinder underneath the mower forward. All these features are what makes it suitable and suitable for use on lawns and gardens, and one of the best-selling ranks of lawnmowers on the market. Eventually, the entire body is coated with corrosion-resistant yellow and black powder-coated.


  • Designed for Heavy Duty operation
  • Light Weight – Portable
  • 18″ Steel Cutting Deck
  • With Grass Catcher & Cable Included
  • Zero Maintenance Charges

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10.Black and Decker Lawn Mower Corded 20 inch

Grass cutting machine Black and Decker is a top brand that produces the best equipment and their lawnmower is outstanding in performance and design. It’s a great choice for people to create about its good, trendy black and orange color. Sequel to the above-mentioned Black and Decker 1400 W mower, it is also a top-performing electrical machine that uses cables wounded around its frame.

The cable is on average 12 Amps and nearly 20 inches in diameter and area with a blade of 2000 mm. The weight is pretty good (21 kg); thus, carry from one place to another is not too difficult. Nonetheless, it needs a step-down or step-up converter to boost compliance with the regional voltage, i.e., before this system can be used effectively.

It can be moved to several lawn or garden angles with 4 wheels and tires, supported by its linked handles which improve maneuverability. Eventually, the cutting height is easily adjustable and the warranty duration is not mentioned in the report.


  • 12 Amps cable
  • 2000 mm blade
  • 21 kg of body weight
  • Easy adjustable cutting height
  • 4 wheels and rubber tires

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There are several advantages and its benefits  of using a lawnmower

  • Cleanliness: If you use a lawnmower, you will have a degree of cleanliness in your environment. That is to suggest, get rid of unwanted weeds and grasses. It’s easy for you to choose the best tiny lawnmower.
  • Safe and Easy: Dangerous crude equipment, a lawnmower is very safe because you don’t have direct contact with the blades that do the job. It’s also easy to use because once powered, everything you need to do is move in a smooth, fashionable direction. Make sure that there are no outdoor furniture or tools in the garden while mowing the lawn.

  • Saves Money: You can just purchase a lawnmower once to clear the garden or house and do the work yourself. You have saved money for labor once you do this, and you have complete control over your own land.

Types Of Lawn Mowers

There are different kinds of Lawnmower based on manufacturers. there are two classifications i.e, The first one is based on the type of blade while the other is based on power. Each of them has divided into several kinds with respect to the manufacturer.

1.Based on blade Types

1.1 Cylinder Lawn or Reel Mower

Grass cutting machineThis is a type of mower known to have rotating blades between the front from five to twelve. Such blades have the purpose of trapping and slicing, as well as spinning the grass blades like normal scissors so that their surface is against a fixed base sheet.performance of the type of tool depends on the number of blades. It cannot be used for long cutting of grass; rather, it is Best lawn mower for a small yard and has to be used frequently. A regular mowing should be used, such as twice a week. Often, the lawn container is in the mower’s end.

1.2 Rotary Lawn Mower

Grass cutting machineMost of the blade is to cut or “chop” the grass until it gets rid of. This mechanism is only helped by the blade’s super speed, and it works best between a medium to high cut, unlike Reel mowers. The rotary mower has behind it a lawn box and a few important boxes that render it totally different from the Reel mowers.

2.Based on Power Types

2.1 Electric Mower

Gass cutting machineThese are forms of electrical work that can run as long as possible if there is a constant flow stream through it. There are usually two types the corded mower and the cordless mower. The corded mower uses an extension cord to connect to an external power source, and the cordless mower utilizes lithium batteries that can be recharged without a cord.

2.2 Gas Mower

More efficient machines because they are operating on gasoline that can be bought from a filling station. This machine’s limitation is that they make you pay more, but they’re working really well. You don’t have to worry or get more batteries to power up.

2.3 Battery Power

The lawn-mowers are the ones that use lithium-ion batteries to work with them. The number of batteries that they use will determine how active they are. In the course of time, these batteries can replace once their strength is exhausted.

2.4 Manual Power

It only requires the quality of human effort. While they cut or trim grasses efficiently, it is essential that they are driven by labor. There are some instances where this kind of power comes in handy as different types of power. Many of the best manual push mower machines are available to choose from on the market.


We’ve shown you the products we selected from many alternatives from this evaluation post and evaluated them to what clients are going to involve in. They have included their characteristics, benefits, disadvantages and even images to help them know what they’re looking for. This is not the conclusion, though, as we still have to create one more lawnmowers ranking.

Generally speaking, we understand everyone likes something nice, but when it goes to cost, how can they grab it? This is the most significant consideration as it determines what is going to purchase in the industry. That is why we have created an additional ranking of these devices into three classifications based on the cost they are provided.

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