Top 12 Types of Girls Bags | Online Buying Guide

When people need to carry their belongings when traveling from one place to another, they cannot carry with their hands alone. To support their need, girls’ bags were introduced. In the olden days, things were carried using a cloth-like towel. The towel was spread out and things are kept inside the towel and tied like a sack. The same was carried on their shoulders. But these modern days bags are introduced as per their purposes. Thus bags for girls available in different types. They are backpack, handbags, satchel, purses, cloth bags or shopping bags, etc. The description is given as follows in detail.

girls bags

Key points to check while buying girls bags

1. Material

There are many materials used to make girls bags. The materials for bags changes as per their usage. Hence the list of materials is discussed furthermore. The materials like cotton, faux fur, leather and suede, Linen, polyester and blends, rayon, silk, tapestry, velvet and velveteen, lining fabrics as well. Cotton material girls bags are available in different colors, prints, embroidery designed patterns and textures. The durability of this material relies on maintenance. The leather and suede are made up of animal skins. Thus the durability of this bag is long even if it is used roughly and hardly. Polyester and blends are washable and so not dirt may attack and causes the stain on this type of bag for girls. Pre-wash is allowed for Lenin material girls’ bags.

Although, it is better to dry wash to increase its durability. Silk material is price worthy material and looks so elegant. This is available in many weights right from chiffon till dupioni. Like Lenin, the tapestry is a loose weave fabric, but unlike Lenin, it is fused with interfacing to cooperate and stabilize with the other materials. Lining cloths are used for all the girl’s bags of different materials. This fabric is available in various textures and colors that suit the primary color and the material of the bag. Fur bags are more bushy and cute for the girls of various age groups.

2. Stability

The stabilizers are used for increasing the appearance of the bag in an elegant way. There are a number of stabilizers available. They are cotton batting, silk batting, fleece, fusible web and interfacing, polyester batting and spray adhesives. The batting material is soft in nature, it supports the bag for an increase in durability. To abide by the rules of the bag material, the batting material is used with stick and spray.

For the stability of the bag, the bottom position should be strong enough. So plastic canvas or hard cardboard is used at the bottom portion of the bag. For the handles of the girl’s bags, beads, webbing, wood, plastic, metal, the same material as the bag and as well as drinks are used. For the closure property, strap buckle, zip, Velcro, Button system, Magnetic mechanisms are used in general. Fabric Glues and adhesives sheets are used for joining the purpose of the bags. For decoration of the bag, buttons, beads, stone, and gems are used to embellish the bags. Henceforth, bags are made with different materials with respect to the purposes or use they are specifically made for.

3. Suitability

We need to best bag which suitable for different occasions. School going girls select backpack to keep their school properties. Bowling girls bags for sports. On marriage functions, ladies use to keep cute bags for girls or purses as per their requirements. For shopping, they may use bigger bags for girls that are made up of cloth and bamboo sticks or bigger handbags. To attend the small parties, they can choose the color of the bag as per the dress color they wear. When a mother needs to travel with her baby, the belongings of the baby, food for the baby are in need to keep in one single bag. Thus the bag should be chosen in this regard. Consequently, the bags and purses are chosen as per the usage and the place they visit.

How to choose a bag as per the body shape of girls?

The girl’s bags are the most important property and company for girls in every situation. Wherever girls go shopping, party, outing, treat, etc, girls use bags. The main usage of the girl’s bags is to safeguard our belongings. Girls may have money, makeup kits, mobile phone, diary, stationery items like pen, pencil, paper, etc. Gradually, the purpose focuses on beauty and appearance nowadays. There are many girls’ bags as seen before. There are bags that are short and long of their size, various sized handles, adjustable handles, little bags, backpacks, etc. These bags are chosen based on the structure of the girls also. This is probably girls love to appear lovely by all means.

1. Tall and Thin Girls

The girls who are thin and tall can choose short, slouchy shaped bags. The logic behind choosing the bag is the opposite structure. The girls who are taller and thinner should not use thin bags that have long handle. Since it makes the corresponding girl taller and thinner. Hence these girls can choose the bag with a short handle, wider size and slouchy.

2. Petite Girls

These girls better avoid handbags that have long handle. They can have big purse bags, tiny handbags, etc. Since the big handbags overwhelm the structure of the petite girls. The reason is because of their short and little structure. Girls need to wear handbags appropriately fit their structure to make their appearance an elegant one.

3. Broad Shoulders

The girls who have their shoulders broader should not choose the bags that are broader. They can choose the narrow bags that has longer straps. They should avoid bags that are ended very sharply. The girls who have their body shape as broader shoulders and narrow hip should choose the handbags that are wider in such a way that the bag hits their hip.

4. Plus – Size structure

The girls or ladies who have a plus-shaped body need to choose the bag that fills the hollows while the person stands. The bag can be a boxy shape for plus-shaped ladies. These are very few tips to choose a bag that gives a better appearance for the ladies while they wear.

Types of girls bags

1. Backpacks

Backpacks are worn on the backside held on the shoulders. They are used for purposes like bookbags, kitbags, and knapsack. The other names for this type of bag are rucksack, pack, sack pack, back sack, etc. This bag has two straps to wear on their shoulders. Even though the girl’s bags have two straps they can use two or even one. It depends upon their necessity whether to use both the straps and enough to use one strap. Backpacks are mostly used by the school students to carry their school properties and it is also used by the hikers.

Luggage girl’s bags are also available in the form of backpacks. The size varies according to usage. The large backpacks are used to carry loads over 10 kilograms. Some backpacks are attached with a belt also to support the people who need to do the following activities like running, cycling, hiking, and hydration. Hence, these are used for specific purposes.

2. Handbags

The handbags are mostly used by the ladies in general. The handbags are used by girls and as well as women. When things are lesser in size and quantity then handbags will be sufficient for the things to carry. Moreover, nowadays, it is been chosen as per their beauty of the bag, the dress they wear, the place people visit and the party or event they attend. Hence, there are many types of handbags.

3. Baguette

This looks like a French bread loaf. It is a small rectangular shaped narrow purse.

4. Barrel

As the name specifies, this kind of girl’s bags are barrel-shaped and usually, the straps are of broader ones.

5. Bowling bag purse

Even these types of are self-explanatory. This type of bag is used to carry the bowling or cork balls.

6. Bucket bag

The shape of the girl’s bags is like a bucket. The size varies according to the needs. These girls’ bags are also with straps.

7. Clutch

These girls’ bags are without handles. These have chains or straps that can be attached when needed or detached when not needed. These kinds of girls’ bags are also in the rectangle shape.

8. Doctor’s bag

These girls’ bags belong to the Victoria era and used for Housecalls in the Victoria era. These girls’ bags outfits the needs of the doctors and their products to safeguard.

9. Drawstring bags

In the olden day’s ladies used this kind of girl’s bags to keep their money. These girl’s bags consist of string at either end. When the strings are pulled the bag shrinks and closes. Then after removing the shrink, the girl’s bags are opened.

10. Half-moon and Hobo

The half-moon bag is crafted as half-moon with the strap. Hobo is also related to the shape of the moon. This looks like a crescent moon. This is with a zip to open.

11. Muff

This is otherwise called a winter bag since this is made out of fur, wool or velvet. The Zip mechanism is used for opening and closing the bag.

12. Satchel

This is generally a leather bag. These girls’ bags have long straps. The strap can cross the body or just hold on a single shoulder.

Few Products

1. The House of Tara Women’s Handbag

This is an elegant handbag that suits all the ladies. The color of this handbag is Golden PU and poly silk. The lining cloth of this bag is given in polyester. The other specialty of this bag is Magnetic property is provided for the closure system. This bag is very spacious and comfortable. The width of this bag is 14.5 inches, the height is given as 12.5 inches, and the depth is also given as 4.5 inches. The bag is recommended for spot clean. If any dirt happens to stuck on the bag immediately it can be cleaned using a piece of damp cloth or tissues. Otherwise, the whole bag may wet and clean immediately. No need to soak the bag for washing. Thus, this bag is very cute and matches any lady or girl.

  • The bag was very trendy, awesome, perfect stunning, outstanding.
  • Price worthy product.

3.Dolphy pink 3D Unique Design Children’s Trolley Bag

This bag looks so cute and very stylish. This bag is a trolley model traveling bag. The bag has a 3D designed with vibrant color. This bag is easy to handle and moves very comfortably on the staircase also because it has staircase climber wheels fixed underneath the bag. The things of the traveler can be organized since it has 2 net compartments. There is 6 wheels for this girl’s bags. Thus, this product looks so cute and awesome to take out.

  • Kids enjoyed and loved very much to carry this bag.
  • This bag is a good quality product.
  • Good gift for the children aged 4 and above.

4.Among Women’s Handbag

This is a cute and good quality handbag for women. This handbag has ample space in such a way that it can hold many things. The dimension is given as 14 inches long, 15 inches height and 5 inches wide. It is brown and cream in color. This handbag falls under the category named tote. The material of the outer cover is faux leather, and the inner lining material is satin. It consists of one compartment and the single compartment is divided by the inner pocket. Both the compartments have zip methodology for closing the bag. It is safe when this bag is not exposed to hazardous heat. Consequently, this is one of the best girls’ bags that girls use.

  • This bag is made out of the best quality, nice brand. satisfying bag.

d. Newer Polyester 40 Ltrs Waterproof Red School Bags

This is a wonderful backpack used by school-going children. This has ample space to safeguard the books, notebooks, long sized notebooks, and water bottles. It has 2 straps and one center handle. The bag has three various sized compartments. The extra features of this backpack are advanced repellency, cushioned, blocked, shielded and shaded. The material of the water bottle compartment is Treks ever Fabric. There are 2 water bottle compartments. Teenagers love this bag so much. Henceforth, these bags has many special features and most students love this bag utmost.

  • Good quality, strong, spacious girls bags for school children.
  • The bag is incredible. It has good stuff and looks very elegant.
  • It weighs very light though multiple compartments.

e. Da Eslingas Women’s Sling Bags

Da Eslingas Women's Sling Bags

This is an elegant bag that is filled up with baby pink color and silver borders with gorgeous stone illusion embellishment. It has a center to handle a single strap also. This has 3 compartments and one with zipping closure and a main magnetic button to cover the whole compartments. The outer material is PU. PU is the chemical element named Plutonium and a type of leather too. This bag falls under a casual sling. The length of this bag is 24 cms, height is given as 20 cms and width is given as 9 cms. The sling length is 4 cms. Hence, this is an awesome bag that every girl loves it.

  • This is a perfect and fancy bag.
  • This is a nice and good quality bag at a low price.

f. YOURNELO Cute Owl Canvas Backpack

YOURNELO Cute Owl Canvas Backpack


This is a strange and cute bag that is shaped like an owl. Every kid loves this bag to wear. This is made out of premium canvas. The dimension is given as 10 inches length and 15 inches height. This is a fashionable bag that stays cool often. The bag is crafted as an owl bird with eyes, body feathers and shoes for its legs. Only the minimum quantity is allowed to keep within this bag. Thus, it is a cute bag that everyone loves to own it.

g. Cuties and Pals Kids Backpack

Cuties and Pals Kids Backpack


This is a cute and colorful bag that resembles the ladybug. This is made up of a Polycarbonate mix, a high-quality material that increases the durability of the bag. There are two wheels for the trolley bag. The other properties of this bag are light weighted and sturdy. The luggage dimensions are given as 17” Height X 12” X 10”. The weight that is tolerable for luggage is 3.97 lbs. The backpack dimensions are given as 13” Height X 11” X 5”. The tolerable weight of the backpack is 2.2 lbs. Henceforth, this is a cute combination bag.

h. Carstens Home Girls’ Cowgirl Sleeping Bag

Carstens Home Girls' Cowgirl Sleeping Bag


This is a little bag that is used for cute babies. It is a sleeping bag that gives the warmth of the mother while sleeping. This bag contains western designs and fringe accents as bag features. Dry cleaning is recommended for this sleeping bag. The plush horse animal stuff is used to make the sleeping bag. The dimension is given as 28 inches X 56 inches. Thus, the wonderful sleeping bag is an appropriate companion for the babies.

i. RI2K Maya Satchel Bag

RI2K Maya Satchel Bag

This is a smooth and soft chrome leather flap. The leather of the bag is mixed with vegetable retainage. The closure property adheres to the rule of flap and zip. The bad is designed in an exclusive model. It has a gold plated hardware with 3 pockets and 1 compartment. This bag gives 6 months warranty. The dimension is given as 42 cms length, height as 18.5 cm and width as 12 cm. It can carry 08 kg. The capacity of this bag is 1.5 (L). Hence this is a good product.


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