Best 10 Cricket Kit in India -2021 – Reviews and Buyer guide

Cricket kit  : It has a complete range of accessories needed to participate in cricket sport such as like cricket bats(English Willow and Kashmir [Indian] Willow types), wicket keeping pads , PVC/PU cricket balls, helmets, wicket keeping gloves, thigh pad, bags, chest protectors, clothing for cricket, cricket stumps and cricket accessories etc. To get started for a new player everything he needs.

Get cricket bats online with Best offers

Several top Cricket companies already offer online sales of their goods. This also includes many exciting deals. Because they can remove additional charges during retail sales. You can look at Amazon’s sports flash deals and exclusive Flipkart rates and get lots of promotions on sales.

Buying a costly Cricket bat in online

The issue with the online purchase of a cricket bat is that its wood can not be checked. Cricket bats, made from wood, differ from each other in contrast to the badminton racket or table tennis bat. You can’t see the grains and test their weight and length physically. Although these are a few challenges, you can certainly find online shops more comfortable and accessible if your budget is below 5000K.

 Buyers guide – Cricket Bat

Cricket is India’s most popular sport and unites the heart of us, Indians. We also have many resources, tangible and intangible, to learn from and choose from due to this admiration for Cricket. For example, we have many choices to choose from in labels, bats/kits, and other cricket accessories. They also have coaching centers for teams from all over the nation and from world-class. This is not so with many other sports in India because we do not have sufficient sports facilities.

The popular “popular” willow bats are made of the wood and thus the name. And the popular wood bats are available at a low price, but UK / Cashmere willow wood is not good quality. Carbon fiber and titanium in handles are also used in the production of cricket bats. There is no legal requirement that any material except wood is used to make cricket bat blades. Nevertheless, a limited protective product coating is authorized around the edge.

 Kashmir willow and English willow bats

Similar to the other two, English willow bats are produced from willow forests raised in the UK and are used by the majority of practitioners. The value is from 1000 (low grade) rupees to 50.000/60.000 (grade A) bats. Prices are not visible. Such willow bats are heavier than Cashmere. It’s the best way to play heavy tennis / any other big hit. You can also definitely go to Kashmir willow bats if you’re a novice. Price range between 750 (low) and 4000 (high) rupees.

you can just go for common willow bats if you need game to practice on your local field and enjoy with buddies. The prices ranging from 350 to 1000 rupees are the most available.

Bat Size for a different type of players

Bat volume and form of the handle are 2 aspects you must first take into account. If it has “5” in height. 7or 5.8 “to” 6.3 or 6.4 “inch, you may take short handle bats to maximum size. The full-size bats with a long handle can go to players with height over 6 feet and 4 inches.

Young players must take their level into account and select one suitable for them. Each brand’s Bat Size Guide is accessible on the official product website.

Type dependent on weight distribution

Bases are distributed in different shapes/profiles based on the weight distribution on a bat blade. For example, by adjusting the location and positioning of the sweet spot along bat width and distance, we could change the nature of the bat.

Swell position of a cricket bat

Based on position of swell, the power of impact & momentum changes while hitting the ball.

 Types of Cricket bats

  • English willow
  • Kashmir willow
  • Popular willow

 Best Cricket Kits

While it is extremely straightforward for normal crickets to find the perfect package to use, it’s very complicated and challenging for newbies to find it because it isn’t the best idea. It can be very hard to choose the finest and most durable fats, right shoes, enduring gloves, and even the best cricket bag for the consumer. That is why we will provide the most accurate shopping tips and the best nine cricket kits in India in this report.

At first sight, we get that many cricket kits look the same. For this purpose, to understand the distinctions between them based on their performance could be quite daunting. It is important for you to know how to weigh your choices, how often and budget you plan to play cricket.

Were you training for league competition, or are you playing cricket for casual fun? Understanding your shopping intent is essential to make your quest even easier.

To buy the Varieties of Cricket kit online refer to the below list.

1. GM Complete Kit with Helmet

cricket Kit

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GM Complete Helmet Kit is our top-quality kit for players with the budget to get costly gears. It already comes with a helmet so you don’t have to buy it separately.GM is a good eye-catching product. They render appliances of high quality, concentrating on convenience, reliability, and robustness.

GM Complete Helmet Package is a good example of the service you could buy from them. Kashmir willow bat hitter included in this package is great for beginners as well as for pros alike.


  • Great for both junior and experienced cricket players
  •  with durable and nicely designed helmet
  • The kit includes batting guard, bat, an abdominal guard, an armed guard, thigh and glove
  • Everything comes with a ball, baseball leg cover, cap, thigh shield, gloves, abdomen protection, arm guard, and a GM duffle bag that’s just about what you’re going to need while playing the game.
  • Size is 6


  • More durable
  • Helps for professional players and also for beginners
  • Easy to use
  • Reputable brand


  • A bit expensive

2.SG Economy Cricket Kit – Full Kit

Cricket kit

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If you want your children to have a better quality cricket kit, is this one for you? The accessories in this sg cricket kit help keep your children safe while playing the game. Until playing the game, make sure your kids have the correct safety equipment as cricket is quite risky.

Although the products are made of plastic, they are very hard-lasting and will last forever. If you decide to buy this kit, it will be money well spent. Each collection does not include the hat, so you have to make a separate order for it, sadly.


  • Handy bag for keeping all the accessories
  • bag and durable cricket accessories
  • Made of high-quality plastic
  • Sleek design that junior players will like


  • Great for kids who want to practice the game
  • Durable protection gears
  • Attractive design
  • Reasonable price for the quality
  • Made of durable plastic


  • Helmet not included

3.Klapp Champion Cricket Kit

Cricket kit

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For any intermediate stage cricket player, the Klapp Champion Cricket kid is a suitable choice. The kit comes with a Kashmir Willow ball, which comes with a good grip in different sizes. The kit bag is compact and is capable of holding all your equipment including batting gloves, thigh pad, arm guard, ball and abdominal guard. With its metal cover, polypropylene frame, and impact-resistant function, the helmet also provides superior protection.


  • The gloves are made from PVC and cotton.
  •  helmet is made from a polypropylene shell with an adjustable steel grill for superior protection.
  • Leg guard is made of PVC material with cotton filled knee rolls.
  • The bat comes with size options.


  • Bat ensures a good grip.
  • Leg guard comes with wear-resistant patron instep.
  • The helmet is impact resistant and sweats absorbent for comfort.
  • All the items are made of good quality material.


  • Users mentioned that they did not receive the batting gloves.


4. SG 7PCS CRKT Cricket Kit

Cricket Kit

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This package is already at a high price point and in this scope, you can find some really good-quality equipment.SG Cricket Kit provides the finest quality cricket equipment to enhance your performance. Most of the items you will need while playing the game basically comes.

Batting gloves are constructed from PVC and linen, which renders them cool. It makes it very difficult for you to catch the cricket ball. Overall, SG is a good cricket brand on which you can invest your hard-earned cash with confidence.


  • very fine quality
  • Long durable, original SG
  • Items may or may not be the same as mentioned
  • Heavy-duty nylon tapes with extra reinforcement, the extra durable base sheet
  • Batting gloves – palm made from cotton and PVC
  • Premium PVC finger rolls and dual-density foam finger rolls
  • Cotton back


  • Comfortable gloves
  • Equipment made of quality materials
  • Heavy-duty nylon with extra reinforcement for durability
  • Great for players aging 18 years and up
  • Comes with a helmet


  • No negative point about the product

5. 7 Item Ezeepak Without Cricket Bat Sports Kit

Cricket kit

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Ezeepak Without Cricket kit is designed for players over 13 years of age. Also included in the kit is a cricket helmet. That means that if you want to play cricket, you don’t have to buy a helmet separately. Probably the helmet is the most essential protective gear for cricket games. So, realizing that this package already has the equipment is great.

Batting leg guards, arm guards, thigh guards, batting gloves, and an abdominal guard are other items used. These are constructed from a material that is robust and strong that can endure wear and tear. After playing, for safekeeping, you can put all the accessories in the bag. If you want quality equipment for your cricket gameplay, this kit is really a great choice.


  • Batting red hand gloves are made of high-quality cotton palm.
  • Batting leg guard comes in red color and is made of high-quality PVC facing.
  • Cricket helmet comes in navy blue color
  • Great for practice, school matches, and training


  • Comes with a helmet
  • Accessories are made of high-quality material
  • The bag has long side compartment to keep a cricket bat
  • Gloves have cotton filled finger rolls and thumbs for comfort
  • The bag has multiple compartments for sorting the equipment properly


  • A bit expensive

6.SG Kashmir Eco Cricket Kit

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Another good Cashmir cricket package. At this price range, if you want to play competitively, you can find high-quality cricket equipment that you can train on. Luckily, the SG Cricket Package is not misleading. Icomes with variety of gears you’ll need to play cricket. There’s also bag, so when you’re done playing, you can put all the gears in one place. It’s great for both professional and practical cricket players.

The gears are constructed from quality materials to make sure they last for a long time. The cost is reasonable given that SG will provide you with high-quality equipment, which is a reputable business when it comes to cricket gears.


  • A durable kit bag that is made from heavy-duty nylon material for youth sizes
  • A handy external packet for the cricket bat
  • Comes with lifeguard, batting gloves, thigh guard, kitbag, cricket bat, abdo guard, and arm guard
  • Sizes choices for different age groups from children to adults


  • From a reliable cricket gear brand
  • Durable kit bag
  • Reasonable price
  • Cricket gears are light and comfortable
  • Available in different sizes for different groups


  • Doesn’t include a helmet

7.Spartan Cricket Junior Complete Batting Set

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If you have cricket for your son, then consideration should be given to the Spartan Cricket Junior Complete Batting Set. It’s one of those packages that will help you feel like a real professional player because the kit is supportive and sturdy.

Indeed, this comes with only a Kashmir Willow Bat, but its quality won’t disappoint you. The price in this kit is well worth the value of the equipment. This comes with thigh patches, abdomen protection, pockets, gloves batting, and sheets batting.


  • It is ideal for young and older players
  • Kashmir Willow Bat is a size 4 and size 5
  • Comes with an abdominal guard, shoulder bag, batting gloves, thigh pads, arm guard, and batting pads
  • Also available in various sizes for different age groups ( 7 -14 years)


  • Equipment is made of quality materials
  • Makes for the ideal gift
  • The bag is easy to carry
  • Comfortable equipment


  • Doesn’t comes with a helmet

8.SG No.4 Cricket Kit (Multicolour)

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Another fantastic SG brand item. We want this package to be included in this category as it comes with reasonable price and offers great service. The label is certainly one of the considerations you must take into account when you buy a product. SG is a famous cricket brand whose customers are rarely disappointed. It’s one of the best packages for crickets.

The contemporary design allows new and experienced players to look appealing. It doesn’t look boring, but it also doesn’t seem overdone. SG No.4 Cricket Set comes with a cricket bat, a thigh shield, an abdominal arm, a baseball glove, and a kit bag.


  • Made from heavy-duty nylon material
  • Contemporary design
  • External bat pocket


  • Durable bag
  • Comfortable cricket equipment
  • External bat pocket
  • Reasonable price
  • Attractive design


  • No helmet

9.e-YOP Popular Willow Cricket Bat With Wickets

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e-YOP Willow Cricket Kit may be difficult to get a good cricket package with a small budget. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on a cricket package, it will be a great choice for our best budget pack. When you start teaching your kids how to play the game, it’s great. That is a good start if you want to play the game right away. There is no protective gear in this set so you should have them purchase separately.


  • Made of top-quality wood
  • Brown bat with popular willow material
  • Bat has a height of 33.4 inches, and its handle is at 11.4 inch
  • Designed for players aging 9 to 14 years old


  • Great for beginners
  • Made of top-quality wood
  • Colorful and attractive design


  • Doesn’t include protective gears

10.GENE Backpack Style Cricket Kit

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GENE Backpack Kitbag is more attractive for looking, more durable products and lightweight. It is more fashionable for cricketers It contains special bat holders on the side of the bag. one more front bag pocket is available and one more side water bottle holders are designed. Easy to carry the cricket bag around as it is based on a backpack model.


  • Batting red hand gloves are made of high-quality cotton palm.
  • Batting leg guard comes in red color and is made of high-quality PVC facing.
  • Cricket helmet comes in navy blue color
  • Great for practice, school matches, and training


  • Durable bag
  • Comfortable cricket equipment
  • External bat pocket
  • Reasonable price


  • Doesn’t include protective gears

Some related Products Details


You must tell whether you are looking for a training ball or an exercise ball to pick your cricket ball. Furthermore, look for a waterproof ball made of quality materials. Furthermore.


The bat is probably the cricket kit’s most valuable tool. It typically weighs between 1150 and 1350 grams. Search for a bat with a firm grip to give you extra protection.


Wearing a helmet is mandatory because it reduces the risk of head injury in the event of an accident. That’s why it’s extremely important that you choose a durable helmet.


Shell – It is extremely important that the shell of the cricket helmet is made of quality material. If you are planning to play cricket regularly, then go for shells of carbon fiber.

Grill – Go to the grill instead of a cricket helmet full face. This will assist you with better visibility and improved ventilation. Using a cricket helmet grill will also mean a better and higher level of protection.

Padding – It is also important to check the padding in the helmet. It must be replaced by a third layer of shock. In case it strikes you, this will help minimize the impact of a cricket ball. The padding can make you feel at ease.

Chinstrap – While testing the chin strap, make sure it’s strong and it’s able to stay in a safe place until you lock it in.


You will have to be able to run and perform strokes easily while playing the cricket game. Choosing the most appropriate size of the pad will allow you to travel quickly and efficiently when playing. Getting the wrong size will only mess with your game’s best results.

Your batting stance should help you to hit the ball accurately, make sure you get the right sort of pads that fits your body shape. Make sure the length of your leg guard is lined up just around the center of the turn of the knee. Also, don’t forget to check the pads top; they shouldn’t mess with your feet. You should be able to move freely and comfortably with your leg pads.

Abdo guard

Sometimes named “pack” by the Abdo guard is a protective gear for the groin. To provide you with optimum security, it is one of the most important pieces of cricket equipment. Never go out to bat as much as possible without carrying an Abdo guard and don’t ask the co-players to steal quickly as a package normally includes just one abdo protection.

Thigh pads

Many cricket players dislike the idea of wearing thigh pads primarily because they limit efficient movement, this is necessary to avoid or mitigate serious bleeding in the event that you hit the ground while running fast. You may carry it in your trousers to reduce limitations on body movement.


For safety and security, incorporating a chest guard provides. It’s a little boring for some and adds a bit of weight to them while practicing, but it can actually be worth it if you frequently do fast bowling or perform on the occasional dodgy surface.


We think that arm guards aren’t worth wearing for most cricket players because they can be very restricting in terms of movement. If you’re a casual bowler, though, if you wanted to protect your leg, you certainly would invest in having an armed guard.


It has to be a fitted pair of cricket gloves in terms of choosing the gloves. Only bear in mind that the stronger the match, the more it can provide security. Carefully check your cricket kit’s shoes, make sure you get a right glove and a left glove. Since manufacturers could accidentally manufacture for one cricket kit two right gloves or two left gloves.

Top Brands of Cricket Kit

  • Puma
  • SG Cricket Kit
  • SS Cricket Kit
  • MRF Cricket Kit
  • Kookaburra
  • Gunn & Moore
  • Spartan
  • Adidas

Cricket Kit  Price List: This bag Price varies according to the quality and the performance of the products. The price of Kit ranges from Rs. 300 to Rs. 40300.

SG Cricket Kit Price List: The SG cricket kit Price varies according to the quality and the performance of the products. The price of the SG cricket kit ranges from Rs. 700 to Rs. 6500.

Puma Cricket Kit Price List: The Puma cricket kit Price varies according to the quality and the performance of the products. The price of the Puma cricket kit ranges from Rs. 1700 to Rs. 4000.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Cricket Kit


Make sure all of your cricket kit pieces are constructed from the product of good quality. The guards and gloves should be made from PVC or cotton padding of good quality. The gear should be resistant to wear so it will last for a long time. Thus, you need to consider the kit’s durability as an essential factor.

Handle Type

The bat’s handle is also necessary as it helps to make those amazing shots. A fast handle would make you achieve exactly that because you can opt for long shorts. Make sure the handle comes with a good grip so the bat doesn’t fall out of your grasp. Choose a variant of the bat depending on your age and wishes.

Natural finish

The bat or ball should come with a natural finish to give it a rustic look. The ball should be made using leather and should come with hand stitches around it for a better impact.


Fitting is the number one aspect you must carefully consider when buying your cricket kit. The cricket cap, gloves, and pads must be a perfect fit because the mobility and sight won’t be limited. Only keep in mind that if the gear is too loose, it will immediately affect the safety and protection standard.

Player’s profile

It also matters to your body frame. You’re going to have to pick the best pads for your weight. It’s important to consider building your height and body to get the right pads, helmet, bat, and gloves.


Fit for man, senior and junior teams, there are cricket sets. Just keep in mind that the style has to be something bubbly and colorful when it comes to buying a cricket kit for kids. If you’re an adult cricket player, go for some cricket kits that are popular and stylish.

Adjustment Features

you can’t forget about making sure that the items you’re going to buy have adjustment features and nut settings. This will improve your performance in the game and will allow you to play comfortably.


If you are wondering how you could find a durable cricket kit, you can conduct a background check about the product’s brand and look for user reviews. Top-quality bands will provide you with the best and the most durable equipment to play cricket.


It is essential that you understand your plan. There are plenty of good cricket kits you can purchase to INR 3,000 from INR 2,000. It will help you narrow your choices by setting a budget. If you’re planning to play cricket sports more often, you’ll need to consider investing a more affordable and fair cost for cricket kits.

Purpose of buying

It’s incredibly important to know why you’re getting a cricket. It will help you come up and analyze the other factors you need to take into account. If you’re actively playing cricket, the main concern is safety and warmth. If you are planning to play sports regularly, however.

Price List