Top 7 Best Yoga Mats in India 2021 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

It’s not an easy task to purchase a yoga mat, but you need a lot of thought about the features you need in a mat, your budget, and other main considerations. There are several different types of mats but finding the right mat that fits your needs can be a challenging process. You should certainly try basic exercises like Dumbell and Therabands along with yoga for more noticeable results if you find yourself a novice at fitness.

The yoga mats are gaining worldwide popularity. This has been attributed to the increasing popularity of yoga, a spiritual practice that relaxes the mind, whose origins in India can be traced. Mats are in huge demand now due to the growing popularity of yoga. The market was then flooded with lots of yoga mats whose characteristics and prices differ. This created more uncertainty among customers, a situation that influenced this guide’s writing.

Valuable details on the various styles of yoga mats, main considerations to remember when buying a yoga mat, and answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about yoga mats can be found here. This article covers subjects such as why and the ways of using a yoga mat. Also in India, we prepared a Top 7 list of yoga mats. The list is a combination of the cheap yoga mats, expensive yoga mats, and yoga mats of the highest standard.

Why Use A Yoga Mat?

Yoga can be practiced without a mat. A mat also brings in some warmth and ease, making your yoga sessions even more calming and beneficial.

Here are some top benefits of using a yoga mat.

  • Compared to a rough floor you’ll feel more confident and relaxed when you sit on a yoga mat.
  • Yoga mats avoid damage because the mat serves as a protective barrier between you and the floor.
  • You are not going to quit the yoga class and feel all dirty and dusty. The yoga mat acts as a buffer between yourself and the ground.
  • You’ll be free from any bacteria and germs that might be on the ground.
  • You will be more focused on yoga and meditation and you can reap other benefits from the yoga session.

Types Of Yoga Mats

Yoga mats sell in various sizes, forms, and are made of different materials. Below is a list of various styles of yoga mats available on the market out there.

Cork yoga mats

Cork Yoga Mats are yoga mats made from cork material. These mats are lightweight, environmentally friendly, safe to use and, thanks to their material, super absorbent. The sweat gets quickly absorbed to give you a safe grip even though your hands and feet are sweaty. This avoids sliding and any possible injuries.

These mats are also durable and have anti-microbial qualities. And due to its high efficiency, it is suitable for any yogi.

Natural Rubber Yoga Mats

Rubber mats are common because they don’t contain any harmful chemicals and so you’ll be free from breathing in any poisonous or carcinogenic chemicals while you practice downward yoga.

These also continue to decompose after disposal and thus pose no threat of contamination to our already threatened climate. The rubber gives the mat its anti-ski and anti-tear features that make these mats not only user-friendly but robust.

Plastic Elastomer Yoga Mats (TPE)

Such mats are also eco-friendly and do not contain hazardous chemical compounds like PVC and lead. Many products are inexpensive and have excellent anti-sliding properties that will keep you from slipping while doing hot yoga exercises. They are waterproof, so they are easy to clean and rarely have bad smell usually associated with bacteria found in humid areas.

Cotton Yoga Mats

The softness of the smooth cotton makes the cotton mats easy to use. Cotton often removes sweat as you sweat, and then you’ll be less likely to slip. They are ideal for people suffering from nursing injuries. These are also easy to wash, and very easy to dry cotton. Even they’re not costly and therefore perfect for a person on a tight budget.

Sticky Yoga Mats

Most sticky yoga mats are intended to avoid damage when you are practicing. They have anti-slide characteristics and cushions you to hard surfaces like the board. We seem to come in immense thickness too. These are the best mats for newbies to yoga.

Lightweight Travel mats

If you have a busy lifestyle and you don’t have time to return home to pick up your mat after work, then lightweight travel yoga mats are the ideal option for you. Normally they are lighter and denser than their counterparts, and easy to roll up and hold. Many come with a travel bag or wear belts to help you fold them up quickly and take them to your yoga classes.

What To Consider While Shopping For The Best Yoga Mats

Different yoga mats are ideal for the needs of various individuals, and yoga exercises. The market is filled with various brands and without advanced awareness of what features to look for can be a challenging challenge to find the correct Yoga mat.

Below are a few tips to help you pick the right yoga mat that fits your needs and your budget.


Your comfort and balance depend on the thickness of the mat while practicing yoga. Yoga mats come in varying thickness ranging from 1/8 “to 1⁄4” to 1/16 The type of activities you want to perform will be at the forefront here. Headstand needs a thicker yoga mat, while light exercises like the bench lung do not have a very thick mat.


Depending on the material the yoga mats have a different texture. If you do hot yoga, go for a mat that provides a tight grip. Evite those slippery pads. If you’re planning on buying a yoga mat on some e-commerce sites like Amazon, look at other customers’ comments and what they think of the mat’s texture.

Length and width

Yoga mats come in lengths and widths which vary. The main determinant here will be your body size. Most yoga mats are 68 inches long, and 24 inches wide. Certain points are lengthier or shorter. If you’re a bigger guy, go ahead with the longer pad.


Yoga mats prices range from 350 rupees up to 3500 rupees. Others have also cost over 3500 rupees. The balance between your needs and budget is delicate.


The most popular one is the PVC mat, but if you don’t want it then look for an eco-friendly and toxin-free yoga mat. Go for the yoga mats made from natural materials. A dirty yoga mat is often a turn-off; therefore, make sure the material is easy to clean and dry.


Although some strictly black yoga mats do exist, some come in various colors and finishes. If you are attracted and motivated by beautiful art, appearance matters. Some yoga exercises like the chakra involve different alignments, and a mat with some drawn lines would be a handy choice, particularly for beginners.

Many activities involving yoga involve complete focus, so art will be a distraction. Remember to choose a mat with your favorite finish or color.

Top 7 Best Yoga Mats

1 Vellora Yoga Mat

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The Vellora Yoga mat is available in long sizes and is made of biodegradable material that is non-toxic and safe, making it an environmentally friendly option to go for. This comes in both sides with dense, sturdy foam and anti-slip surfaces to ensure a supportive yoga experience. The foam can absorb any form of impact that could affect your knees and joints to prevent injury.

Main Features

  • available sizes: 4 mm, 5 mm, and 6 mm.
  • Lightweight and portable design.
  • Dimensions:  72? long x 24? wide.
  • Suitable for use on cement, wood, tile, or any hardwood floor.
  • Non-slip surfaces on both sides of the mat hence can be used on both sides.
  • It features a moisture-resistant technology which makes it easy to wash.
  • Provides you with the most comfortable yoga experience.
  • The anti-tear mat can be used for most yoga poses and exercises.
  • Eco-friendly and high-quality thick material prevents sweat and dirt from getting absorbed.

  • Quality is not up to the mark.

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2 AmazonBasics Yoga mat with Carrying Strap

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The AmazonBasics mat can be used for various yoga workouts and exercises. It is a simple mat without decorations and with a range of colors. The mat has a good thickness providing durable support and comfort, particularly when doing outdoor exercises where the surface is rough.

It comes with a black elastic strap which makes it easy to transport it to your home from the gym or yoga studio. The straps also avoid spreading out of the mat when not in use.


  • 76” long and 24” wide making the mat suitable to even tall people.
  • ½ inch thick or 13 mm that provides a good cushion to your feet on a rough surface.
  • It features a textured finish that is non-skid and prevents injury during hot yoga or any other mobile exercises.
  • The mat is made of foam material, which is both lightweight and long-lasting.
  • It is easy to fold using the black strap.
  • The textured surface offers better traction.
  • It feels very comfortable on the floor.
  • Offers a variety of colors to choose from according to your tastes.

  • Light impressions are left on the mat after exercise.

3 Strauss TPE Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

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When you look forward to buying a yoga mat that will feel good on your feet, legs, and back, then a perfect choice for you will be the Strauss yoga mat. For three layers, the textured top layer, the memory foam layer, and the non-skid proof bottom, the mat is designed to provide a strong grip and stabilize while you practice yoga.

You don’t have to worry about breathing in toxic carcinogens, because the pad is made of natural rubber material and recycled microfiber that quickly absorbs sweat during very hard workouts.


  • 6 mm thickness that is suitable for yoga floor exercises.
  • Made from TPE natural rubber which is durable, anti-skid, and has no bad smell.
  • Features an extra-large mat size, 173cm long and 61cm wide, for tall people.
  • Available in blue color.
  • Anti-slip, and anti-tear design due to the presence of three layers namely the top layer, the foam layer, and the skid-proof bottom.
  • No foul smell.
  • The fabric can be washed and dried easily making it easy to care.
  • The mat offers you a firm grip and does not easily slide during exercise due to the presence of the anti-skid bottom layer.
  • Due to its average thickness, the mat is easy to fold and carry.

  • No negative points observed so far.

4 Fitkit FKYM04-P Yoga Mat, 6mm

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The Fitkit yoga mat is built to last long, even in harsh conditions like the wet season. It features a moisture resistance technology which makes it easy to clean and dry, giving the mat its waterproof properties. Water does not deteriorate its high quality quickly, either.

The mat is simple, lightweight, textured and very easy to fold and take to the yoga class, gym or home anywhere convenient


  • The 6 mm thickness provides comfort during workouts.
  • It is doubled sided with each of the sides well textured to ensure that you don’t slide during exercise.
  • Features a moisture-resistant technology that makes it easy to clean the mat.
  • It comes in a standard size, 173 cm long and 61 cm wide, which is a perfect fit for most people.
  • Available in purple color.
  • Thick and durable.
  • It can be washed in a washing machine and dries very easily.
  • The Fitkit mat offers comfort and stability during exercise.
  • The lightweight and average thickness make the mat easy to fold and carry it from to the yoga studio or gym.

  • No carry bag included.

5 Narains Packaging Yoga Mat with Cover Bag

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The Narains mat features a non-skid rubber material built to protect you from injuries during workouts.

It comes in a thickness of 6 mm but Narain wanted to include a range of 4 mm too. The sleek 499-gram size and weight make the mat an easy one to fold and bring to and from your yoga classes.


  • Available in 6 mm or 4 mm thickness, which provides a perfect cushion during floor yoga
  • The natural rubber material that is eco friendly and non-toxic.
  • The mat comes in multiple colors, to match different customers’ tastes and preferences.
  • The mat has an easy cleaning routine. It is machine washable, easy to dry, and doesn’t bleach.
  • Availability of a carry bag to help you carry the mat easily.
  • It is safe to use due to the presence of an anti-skid design.
  • It easy to roll and carry to and from the Yoga classes.
  • It is durable and comfortable to use.
  • The texture is good; not so soft and not so hard

  • The textured surface leaves some imprints on the hands and legs after exercise.

6 Happytech™ Yoga Mat

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If you’re looking for a decent thickness and length pocket-friendly mat, then HappyTech non-slip yoga is the perfect option for you. It comes with an extra-thick cushioning of 6 mm which not only ensures comfort during your workouts and training on the floor but also no slipping.

The mat is broad enough to be used by most people of different sizes and heights. Ideal for budget guests who are after a good quality mat.


  • 6 mm thick cushioning that ensures you remain comfortable during all kinds of exercises.
  • The Eva material is thick as well as soft and at the same time dense enough to provide a good surface for floor exercises.
  • Comes with a non-slip design making it safe to use without having to worry about losing your grip or stability.
  • A standard length of 6 feet.
  • Available in multiple colors to suit people’s different tastes and preferences.
  • The anti-slip design which injuries due to slipping accidents.
  • Comes with a carry bag that makes it easy to carry the mat.
  • It is made of durable and lightweight Eva material.

  • Presence of a strong “chemical” kind smell that goes away with time.

7 Nivia Yoga Mat

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The ultra-thick Nivia yoga mat is built with a non-skid surface to keep you healthy during yoga and floor workouts. This is also thicker than most regular mats, offering adequate cushioning and reducing joint strains, as well as injuries arising from the use of very thin mats.

Comes with a good material that makes for very comfortable abs workouts and yoga asanas.


  • A non-skid surface that provides a sturdy grip and stickiness thus enhancing safety even during the floor exercises.
  • The added thickness of 10 mm is very comfortable and keeps off the swollen ankles and joints especially after hot yoga.
  • Measures 180 cm long and 60 cm wide, thus suitable for use people with different body sizes and height.
  • The mat is made from rubber which has no bad smell and is eco-friendly.
  • Users have appreciated its durability.
  • Features a soft material that is comfortable to use.
  • Absence of an irritating smell as compared to competitors.
  • Enhanced protection from injuries due to the presence of a non-skid surface.
  • Sold at a budget price that is affordable to most people.

  • Comes with a net cover which is not as good as a normal carrier bag.
  • The mat becomes slippery once you start to sweat during workouts.

Final Thoughts:

Given the variation in consistency, size, or even color, all yoga mats serve one purpose; to help you practice easily and comfortably. It is important that you concentrate on the features when buying a yoga mat. Also, in the long run, cheap is costly because you could end up buying many cheap yoga mats in one year when you would have happily purchased a long-lasting, nice mat. Most of the features, such as color or alignment, can be overlooked when making the decision on which mat to buy but always make sure that the mat has a good thickness, is anti-skid, anti-tear has good traction, and the material is toxic and durable. Those yoga mats BodyBand Luxury Yoga Mat and Vellora Yoga Mat are highly recommended.

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