9 Best Laptop Backpacks Price List in India 2021 – Buying Guide & Reviews

Best Laptop Backpacks: When it comes to your laptop, it’s important to make sure you have a ‘more than sufficient’ carrying bag to carry your laptop around secure. Chances are that the laptop in question is vital to your career and, of course, you need to make sure that it is always safe and stable.

So yes, you need to buy a good laptop bag, one that suits your current needs and can allow you to comfortably carry your laptop around.

Check out India’s top 9 best laptop backpacks, and choose one that looks like a good fit.

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1 Gods Ghost 22 Litre Anti-Theft 15.6 inch Laptop Backpack

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Price ₹ 2,499.00

Once it comes to buying a backpack for your laptop, you’re bound to feel a little confused considering the sheer range of choices currently available. The first thing you’ll need to check at is whether or not the laptop is robust. You may want to test this product for that reason because it meets the durability specs. It comes with a minimalist design and a strengthened shell that prevents theft. Yet what makes this bag stand out is the versatility it comes with, and the ease of use. Find out some of the bag’s key features.

Main Features:

  • The backpack’s outer shell is lined with unbreakable fiber, which supports the anti-theft feature.
  • There’s a safe sunglasses space, and quick-access pockets are also available.
  • This backpack uses imported heavy-duty zippers and sliders.
  • Laptops with a screen of up to 15.6 inches may get a snug fit mechanism.
  • There is a hidden bottle pocket, built with a sheath that is waterproof.
  • The 180 degrees rear open feature helps you to easily arrange your bag without any clutter.
  • You will find tangle-free hangers for the headphones and USB cable.
  • This laptop backpack is designed using the water-repellant polyester fabric.
  • The bag weight is 1.4 Kg.

  • It comes with a chic, minimalist design and strengthened shell
  • It comes with heavy-duty zippers, and all the storage compartments you ‘d need
  • It also comes with easy access pockets which you can use to store important items like your keys
  • It comes with a revolutionary and stretchable laptop compartment that will fit all laptops with a monitor size of up to 15.6′′

  • It is a little expensive

2 Fur Jaden Casual Backpack 25 LTR Bag

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Price: ₹ 599.00

Now you have this pack, an external USB cable that has an external USB port with built-in charging cables, never run out of power. You can now easily charge your mobile phones while you’re traveling.

Fur Jaden USB Charging 15.6 Inch Waterproof Laptop Bag for University, College, and Office 25 Ltrs Black Casual Backpack (BM36 RedCurve) comes with several features.

Main Features:

  • The bag is made of both water-resistant and dust-resistant polypropylene material. You don’t need to think about destroying your possessions because of the weather shifts outside.
  • It is a lightweight commodity weighing just 400grams. It should make it easier for you to take it everywhere you want and put it on your back without causing any pain for a long time.
  • The bag has a capacity of 25 Liters. It can carry a large laptop, as well as other electronic items like iPod, Ipad, tablet, MP3 player, etc.
  • The bag features an external USB cable with an external USB port and built-in charging cables. You can now easily charge your mobile phones while you’re traveling.
  • This bag’s cushioning and lining makes it easier to bear around on your back.
  • The straps can be changed as you wish.
  • This product’s ergonomics and construction make it one of the favorite sacks for holding your laptops.

  • No secret pockets.

3 HP Odyssey L8J88AA Backpack for 15.6-inch Laptop

HP Odyssey L8J88AA Backpack for 15.6-inch Laptop

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Price: ₹ 2,073.00

This original HP certified backpack provides you with the side zipper pocket which allows you to successfully store your items. The expandable side mesh pockets present in this bag will allow you to properly store your beverages.

The internal organizer pockets that are available can be used to store small accessories. The environment as well as scratch-resistant material used to make this HP backpack is.

This laptop bag ‘s stylish and sporty look with handy features can give a stunning appearance without compromising its practical use.

Main Features:

  • The HP laptop backpack ‘s makers have used camouflage lining which promotes the bag’s sporty look.
  • Proper safety is offered by a robust padding function within and outside the pack.
  • The 15.6-inch screen size laptop will fit inside this pocket.
  • The sternum straps can be modified, and the handles used for the grab are sturdy.
  • It offers a pass-through port for charging devices.
  • The padding is used in the bag frame, and it is constructed in such a way as not to limit airflow.
  • The material used in nylon is weather resistant.
  • The bag weight is 0.98 Kg.
  • This bag offers separate pockets for the laptops and accessories.
  • You may also use it while commuting as a luggage bag or handbag.
  • It has an incredible capacity of 32 litres.
  • There is no need to compromise on the price as well as the bag’s appearance.
  • Sweat socking will become simple over the summers due to foam pads.
  • This is open to expansion.

  • It is heavy.
  • There is no waist strap.

4 Vebeto Anti Theft Backpack with USB Charging Port 15.6 Inch Laptop Bagpack

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Price: ₹ 899.00

Deals Outlet Anti Theft 15.6 inch laptop Backpack comes with USB charging port, it is waterproof and Casual Unisex Bag for school , college, workplace.

This is appropriate for both men and women and has many features to it.

Main Features

  • This is a completely theft-proof backpack since the main pocket’s zipper is concealed behind the bag, preventing thief, intruders from finding the zipper to open it.
  • There are other hidden pockets available on the arms, as well as that, which lets you fly. You should hold travel documents including visas, ids, credit cards, cell phones, earphones, and so on.
  • The bag has a 15.6-inch laptop compartment, and a medium tablet or iPad pocket.
  • This is an ideal bag for company, sports, camping, shopping, holidays, work, education.
  • You will never charge less if you have a power bank to charge your phones and laptops, as this bag has an additional USB port with built-in charging cables. There’s no battery at the bag.
  • The bag is made of 300D fabric which is wind, dust, and cuts resistant. Additionally, the bag has a nylon sponge that prevents your valuable belongings during the rainy season.
  • There is a retro-reflective tape on the front of the bag that makes it visible at night.
  • Small electronic gadgets like earphones, MP3 players, etc., have several compartments.
  • The right lining and coating on the bag makes it simple and convenient to bring with you for long hours

  • The quality of the product is not up to the mark.

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5 American Tourister Spin 49 cms Black Laptop Backpack

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Price: ₹ 1,399.00

Marking our presence in over 100 countries is considered the most favored luggage brand worldwide by American Tourister. American Tourister has a comprehensive line of bags that you can browse through, despite the variety of particular needs of our customers. If you’re on vacation, a frequent student or a working adult, your perfect partner in all your travel plans is nothing but an American Tourister suitcase. These attractive and functional bags will accompany you wherever you go and will suit all your needs for travel. Organize, secure, and hold the basics and your laptop. This backpack comes with multiple compartments that are designed to make it ideal for your daily 9 to 5.

Main Features:

  • This backpack made from durable dobby polyester fabric is fitted with 2 complete compartments to accommodate enough files and documents for office or clothing & additional supplies for a day’s travel.
  • Includes a laptop cover that can fit up to a 15.4-inch laptop in a comfortable manner.
  • It has an internal organizer that keeps your essentials, such as a phone charger/power bank, Wi-Fi pod, etc. in place.
  • And there’s still plenty of room left for your headphones, your personal diary or the travel novel you ‘re reading.
  • For better back support it padded mesh back & shoulder straps with the breathable framework.
  • It comes with pockets on both sides to fit your sipper and umbrella comfortably.
  • The design of the bag is good.
  • It has a good storage capacity.
  • It is very light in weight

  • The stretchable rubbers at shoulder straps are not good in terms of quality.

6 Killer Louis 38L Large Navy Blue Polyester Laptop Backpack 

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Price: ₹ 1,349.00

The Killer Louis backpack is a lightweight, sleek bag with a young-at-heart design that is perfect for school or daily travel. This pack, which is designed for everyday use, is not bulky and is intended to hold your essentials. This bag is cute and suave as well as useful with its stylish looks and simple to organize style, to help you complete your look. It features quietly stylish and robust, multiple compartments to help organize your things.

Main Features:

  • Stylish and Durable Spacious Laptop Backpack for Travel
  • 3 Large Compartments + 1 Easy access front pocket with organizer section & 2 mesh side pocket
  • Durable PU coated Polyester Fabric. Inner Fabric: Strong PU coated polyester fabric
  • Huge Space
  • Stylish
  • Comfortable

  • Less padding for laptop
  • Not totally water-resistant

7 AmazonBasics DSLR and Laptop Backpack – Grey Interior

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Price: ₹ 2,599.00

What separates this laptop backpack from the rest is that it happens to be constructed from waterproof material. It comes with a nice design that at the outset is minimalist and yet its interior is as functional as it can be. The laptop backpack is sufficiently spacious to accommodate a few DSLR cameras, a 17-inch laptop, and other important elements such as lenses. You don’t need to think about space with this backpack, because you will find it spacious enough. Do check out some of this bag’s key features

Main Features:

  • The backpack carries and protects 2 SLR camera bodies, 3-4 lenses, 17-inch laptop, and other smaller accessories
  • Customizable padded interior. Movable dividers allow for optimal storage Dimensions: 34 cms x 23 cms x 45 cms (LxWxH)
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • It is fully padded
  • It has movable dividers
  • It has an adjustable waist and chest strap
  • It is designed for cameras
  • It is waterproof
  • It is good for bigger laptops
  • The inner padding is really good
  • It has a good weight capacity
  • It has comfortable shoulder straps

  • It can be bulky
  • The movable dividers are not very sturdy
  • It is not really for students
  • It might not be useful for daily use

8 Wildcraft Work Packs’18 21 Ltrs Black Laptop Backpack

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Price: ₹ 1,690.00

It is yet another famous brand in India, and in terms of design and price, the bag is very stunning. Let us tell you the thing bag comes with a 5-year warranty to give you an idea about the price. Besides this, the bag also has many pockets making it very convenient to use the bag.

Main Features:

  • It is available in 2 colors; one of them is black and the other is an orange designer.
  • The bag is waterproof, too, and has a total capacity of 21 liters.
  • Talking of compatibility with the device, you can hold up to 15 inches of a device.
  • The bag is really robust and the company provides on the bag 5 years warranty.
  • It’s pretty sleek and has 2 pockets too. It can easily hold a 15-inch laptop. There are also several pockets for holding a phone, paperwork, and cables
  • The material used has sturdy fibers that aren’t quickly worn out over time.

  • Slightly Expensive

9 ADISA 31 Ltrs 47 cm Laptop Bags

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Price: ₹ 563.00

If you’re looking for something that’s robust and inexpensive then check out this Adisa 31 Ltrs backpack. Even this backpack has several zips for storage and it comes with very high-quality content. The best thing is that this bag comes in 4 different colors. There are 2 padded compartments to store your laptop easily and you can easily store your tablet too. Each side of the bag contains 1 bottle holder.

Main Features:

  • Water Resistance Level: Water-Resistant
  • Laptop Compatibility: Up to 15.6 inches; Material: Polyester
  • Capacity: 36 Liters; Number of Compartments: 4
  • Special Features: Adjustable Padded Shoulder Handles; 2 Bottle Holders; Padded Handle
  • Has a durable and water-resistant fabric.
  • This bag has a large capacity
  • Has a water-resistant and sturdy fabric

  • A lot of people might not like the bag because of the brand which is not very popular.

Laptop Backpacks Buying Guide

Selecting a laptop bag is often the biggest yet trickiest decision. A laptop backpack may be a small one or a large one, it may be a funky one or an official one, the form depends entirely on the user.

When you decide to purchase a new laptop bag for yourself, it will be of some benefit to going through this article about the list of points you need to keep in mind before you pick the laptop bag.

Size: One of its most important characteristics. Like one would say, this depends on the size of the device. Yet it also depends on other factors such as whether you ‘d only use it as a laptop bag or use it for other computer accessories as well. If you’re going to use it as a multipurpose pack, it’s always recommended that you buy the one that’s a little bigger in size.

Weight: Always buy the lightweight laptop backpack. If you can’t buy the one that’s light in weight, it’ll end up paining your back, more than you would expect.

Lockers: It can also be one of the main criteria that determines how many lockers you want to have in your laptop bag. When you’re going on a long-distance trip and looking forward to carrying all the various items in the travel bag, it’s always recommended to use the multiple-pocket travel backpack, so you can keep it organized.

All-weather bags: Have you ever thought that laptop backpacks could have an impact on the laptop inside if it got wet too. The laptop backpacks also need to have a thick sheath covering over them or other internal devices that prevent the backpack from absorbing the water in the interior of the laptop.

Know where you’re going: You certainly don’t want a weird laptop bag to end up in the board meeting. When you’re a skilled worker, it’s recommended that you use a laptop bag with a sober look. If you’re looking forward to a funkier outing, your credit won’t be harmed.

Material: This is an important parameter when selecting a backpack for your laptop. You must ensure that the backpack is filled with the material you like. There may be many materials available that can be used as a bag for the laptop such as fabric, cotton, nylon, and many more. Make sure your esthetics suit the item you choose to use as your laptop backpack.

Comfort: Last but not least, it’s more important than you can imagine the comfort the laptop backpack offers. Also one of the most important factors for choosing a laptop, you don’t have to discount on the comfort factor.

Last but not least, once you purchase the laptop bag from online web stores, you often need to take care of the warranty policy, return policy, as well as discounts offered by the services. Make sure the laptop bag has a strong return policy so you don’t have to face any problems around the same.

Final Thoughts

Here are some of the best laptop backpacks available now in India. You need to scrutinize each product carefully and determine whether it meets your current needs.

But remember to test each bag ‘s size requirement and load-carrying ability, as certain small backpacks do not fit into large laptops.

And it goes without saying that a laptop backpack that comes with warranty included is always easier to opt for.

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