Top 8 Best Baby Walkers in India 2020 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Converting into a parent is a milestone in one’s life. It gives us the chance to revisit every frame of our infancy, once again. The baby’s development takes place over time, and proper care and security are expected during the child’s development process. When the child starts walking, the movements need to be coordinated properly. The steps of the baby are the base stone for how he learns to walk and run in his life. Baby walkers help align your baby’s body’s center of gravity, thus allowing it to stabilize itself while walking. Choosing the right baby walker to give your baby an improved understanding of baby steps is highly recommended.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why we picked the perfect baby walker.

  • The baby needs inspiration and support to make those little steps walk. The baby walker offers fun with its doll features as well as persuades the baby to take some measures forward.
  • The baby walker provides your child with enough support when he begins taking those first steps. In the event that the steps are slow and your baby falls, there are chances he might injure himself. It is also recommended that a baby walker be used.
  • Increased mobility as the baby walker helps the infant to travel from one corner of the room to another with its wheels.
  • The baby walker keeps your baby focused so that you can do your daily chores and keep an eye on your baby.

Buying Guide for Baby Walkers

Once you buy the baby walker, keep in mind the following aspects that need to be investigated once you purchase the walker. Let’s look at just a few of the points:

Agility: The baby walker’s wheels should be relatively flat, allowing the walker to roll quickly. Still, caution must be taken not to skid the wheels on the ground resulting in your baby slipping.

Weight: The lightweight one is a stronger baby walker, which avoids the use of extra energy on the baby walker. If your child has to spend more energy on the baby walker, it’s time to change the walker for the baby and pick one better.

Speed: The walker’s pace does not go unregulated. Speed inside the harness is also a bonus because you don’t want your baby to hit the wall because he can’t control the walker.

Space: Comfort should be a priority for your kid. While choosing a baby walker, care must be taken to ensure that the walker has enough room for your baby to sit comfortably inside the walker, thus allowing your baby to not injure himself due to lack of room.

Durability: Baby learning to walk properly and independently takes 12-16 months. For the aforementioned period, the baby walker should be able to carry the infant, otherwise, you don’t want to spend on the walker every three months.

Buy Best Baby Walkers Online in India

1. Buy Mee Mee Baby Walker with Adjustable Height and Push Handle Bar 

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One of the best walkers you can give your child is Mee Mee Baby Walker with Adjustable Height and Push Handle Bar. Your child should enjoy the learning process attractively with a playful tray of different games. The walker comes with a long handle, mounted at the back, which means you don’t end up losing control over your boy. Since children are small, the wheels don’t turn so quickly, so your child’s fear of going too far away is canceled. The wheels rotate in all directions, and as the child develops, the adjustable walker will increase in height.


  • Highly durable and can sustain rough handling in any manner.
  • The toy tray may be removed if the child puts the toys in his or her mouth.
  • The walker has a seat that is easily removable as needed.
  • Product durability as strong, as the walker is robust and has a rugged exterior.
  • The walker’s height may be increased; therefore your child will be able to use it in growing days.
  • Wonderful colors that make the walker get glued to the boy.

  • The music shown on the tray has fault overtime in its operation.
  • The seat needs to be carefully removed; otherwise, the clips may get damaged.

2. Buy Sunbaby Butterfly Walker

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One of the most portable walkers, Sunbaby Butterfly Walker with excellent wheel rotation, helps the babies to learn with fun. The walkers are long-term built, as the height of the walkers can be changed in three different rates as the child’s age increases. Equipped with a highly rigid frame, the walker comes in various appealing colors, helping to attract the boy. The walker’s seat is built in an incredibly persuasive manner, which is beautifully stitched and offers excellent protection so your child does not hurt himself.


  • The walker, while not in use, can be folded and ported easily from one position to another.
  • The toy tray your children can take advantage of also comes with fun tunes.
  • The walker’s room use is much less relative to that of other walkers.
  • The walker’s easy to increase height, which makes it long-term suitable.
  • Wonderful stitching of the walker’s seat which helps the child to learn safely.
  • The child’s seating on the cushion offers a comfortable experience for your kids.

  • Issues have been found with the music’s working.
  • Some users have reported frustration with the walker’s seat hooks.

3. Buy Luvlap Sunshine Baby Walker, Height Adjustable with Light & Music Toys

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LuvLap Sunshine Baby Walker is one of the best children’s baby walkers and is also highly recommended to the parents. With its high degree of flexibility and a multitude of services, the walker is an aid to make life simpler for the parents. The walker comes along with a tray that has a range of small toys for the children’s delight. It’s built-in with the intention of keeping your child healthy and occupied, so you can complete your everyday routine and tasks. You can also boost the walker’s height as per your requirement, as it is adjustable in three measures, making it sturdy and last as your child’s age increases.


  • The walker provides the child with an extremely comfortable seat to seat in.
  • Customizable handles that can be used to take your child with you
  • By using the stoppers, you can keep the walker stagnant.
  • The best features are possibly empaneled in the walker.
  • A footrest is placed which helps your baby to rest his feet.
  • The mufti-directional rotation that lets the baby know about different directions.

  • Issues have been raised about the walker’s durability.
  • Many customers have raised safety issues as the wheels have not a regulated movement.
  • The walker’s power is less relative to the others, thus your child’s risk of getting injured.
  • Any of the customers posed concerns with the stopper.

4. Buy BAYBEE Smart Witty Plastic Round Baby Walker for Kid 6 Months to 2 Years

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Baybee Smartwitty Stylish baby walker is a product made from child magnets. As the product aims to increase the fan base of children, it is also one of those products that keep the child’s health at the top of the agenda. Built-in a perfect manner, the wheels provide the walker with an all-round rotation that allows the walker to move smoothly in various directions, and to increase the sense of direction among your children. Along with the walker, there is a large mobile tray that allows the child to be glued to the walker.


  • Excellent height adjustment for your child which allows longevity and progress.
  • The child can comfortably put its back on the walker.
  • Certified as among the best children’s walkers.
  • The walker is ideally suited to families of infamous children because it will keep them occupied.
  • Encouraging children to try new movements because they are easy to manage.
  • The product is portable because it is possible to reassemble the product portion.
  • The product is very easy to mount and assemble.

  • The walker does not come along with light, and should therefore not be used in the dark house.
  • Injury to the ankles because the seating area is smaller, so ankles will reach the walker’s rear wheels.
  • As for the free movement of the wheels, the question of wheels was also posed by some of the clients.
  • Issues of missing screws were also identified, thus affecting the joining pieces.

5. Buy Baybee Winnie Baby Walker

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Our most important concern is always the safety of our children. We are never able to compromise on that in any circumstances. Baybee Winnie’s Baby Walker is accredited with the stringent EN-71 standard, which guarantees the Walker’s best material quality, design and mechanical efficiency, so you’re left with no question about the safety of your infant. This particular walker is very convenient and can be folded if not needed.


  • This walker has a special U-shaped design that comes with custom height adjustment to keep your baby happy at all times.
  • It contains a comfortable cushion seat and a really nice toy tray to keep your baby entertained.
  • The Walker comes with a really handy, 3-step height adjustment.
  • This Walker is certified under EN 71. That means this product is entirely safe for the baby.
  • It comes in very beautiful colors.

  • The wheels are small and thin.

6. Buy Mothertouch Round Walker

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When it comes to baby products MOTHERTOUCH is a household name. Its goods are specifically designed and tested to ensure your little one has optimum safety and comfort. The round walker MotherTouch is no different.


  • It comes with a height-adjustable seat and backrest ensuring your baby is comfortable in it.
  • The seat is reusable and washable in such a way as to remove any stain and ensure proper seat hygiene.
  • It comes on a toy tray with sturdy and detachable toys. Your kid will never get bored with these toys when you’re out for a walk.
  • It is fitted with revolving 360 degree wheels for ease of travel.
  • It’s not heavy and can be folded and carried easily.
  • It has a specially designed lock to ensure proper protection.

  • The lock is usually flimsy and hard to operate.

7. Buy Goyal’s Monkey Baby Walker

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This is a unisex baby walker that can take up to 25 kg of weight. It is easy to use a foldable walker and convenient for transporting or carrying anywhere. The height is adjusted according to the child using this in this walker. The minimum age to use this is 6 months. For walking purposes, this needs no battery. But lights, sound, and music require batteries.


  • This walker can be used for as long as the baby needs its walking assistance.
  • In the event of a fabrication defect, the company shall replace the item or part within the warranty period.
    Weighing 5 kg.
  • Dimensions: 64 cm, 55 cm, 7 inches.
  • Its attractive features are the rattles, lights, and electronic music buttons.
  • This baby walker has an incredibly broad child protection system.
  • These are available for kids to enjoy in a range of colors.
  • This also has a cozy seat with extra cushioned backrest for comfort and convenience along with safety and security.

  • The quality of the cloth used for the seat is not as expected.

8. Buy LuvLap Grand Baby Walker & Rocker

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This is a two in one design that could be converted into both a baby walker and a rocker. A detachable foot mat has a special function that should be used while the tool is in rocking mode and should be removed when it is in walking mode. There are three separate height adjustment options alongside a fully working safety lock to make the walker simple and comfortable depending on the height of the baby.


  • There is a special toy tray that can hold the baby’s favorite toys, switches that play music, and light, and horn that will keep the baby happy and amused.
  • The toy tray is reusable and can also be turned into a dining tray.
  • This walker has a weight range of up to 18 kgs.
  • Additionally, the cushioned seat is reusable, foldable, storable, and washable.
  • In this walker, there are 6 wheels that smoothen 360-degree rotation for movement and turning.
  • In this Walker, the minimum age is 6 months, and the average age is 18 months.

  • There aren’t many color variations.

Final Thoughts:

In this article we talked about the importance of your child is a baby walker. The baby walkers are helpful for your child in shaping the growth and learning the footsteps that improve proper posture and blood circulation, enabling your baby to learn those baby steps as well as grow with all-round development. The proper circulation of the blood during the teenage years lays the foundation for physical development as the muscles would be activated. In addition, we also set out some of the basic guidelines that must be followed before you choose the best baby walker. Criteria such as walker’s height, presence of a side stand, presence of padding near the chins should also be looked for as the best baby walker is your purchase. Top 5 Best Baby Walkers In India strengthens the best baby walkers on the market, which makes them stand out as we’ve listed the best features and made an objective comparison of both the best and the downturns of baby walkers.