Barcode Scanner Price List in India

Barcode Scanner Price List

The Barcode Scanner Price is one of the most preferred global Android applications. The Barcode Scanner is an Android application from the open-source project ZXing (short for Zebra Crossing), that open source project allows an Android device with scanning hardware that is the camera to scan barcodes and encoded data will be received. Encoded information includes web addresses, small pieces of text, geographical locations and product codes. The Barcode Scanner automatically searches the web to determine a product with a barcode and use.

Barcodes are machine-readable data codes that handle a broad range of related to managing money applications. Barcodes are used to keep track of shipments, the price of the products, manage documents and achieve many other organizational essential services because a large number coded information will be converted into the bar code symbol, and then scanned and read by different types of barcode readers.

Types of Barcode readers

1. Pen
2. Laser
3. CCD
4. 2D Camera

To buy the Varieties of Barcode Scanner through online refer to the below list.

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1.SYGA Wired Barcode Scanner

Bar code scanner

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  • Long working hours, Highly cost-effective, ideal for small- to medium-sized enterprises
  • Outstanding scanning performance
  • Ergonomic form factor design
  • High compatibility: 
  • Scan mode: Anti-drop Grip for safety.

2.iBall 2.4GHz Wireless Barcode Scanners Reader

Bar Code Scanner


  • Top – Lemon, Bergamot, Grapefruit
  • Middle – Green Accords, Sage, Lavender, Aquatic Notes
  • Base  –  Musk, Oakmoss, Guaiac wood, Patchouli

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