10 Best Smartwatch Under 2000 Rs in India 2020 – Reviews, Buying Guide

Are you looking for a portable heart rate monitor or a calorie tracker that can monitor all of your everyday activities effectively? Would you like to lead a healthy life? If so, then smartwatches will be the safest and easiest way to monitor your day-to-day activities so you can control your schedule easily and make it a healthy day.

Smartwatches are becoming increasingly popular among buyers of various types, and while there is a wide variety of smartwatches available, buyers can easily select a perfect one based on their needs and budget. And while you can purchase a more expensive smartwatch that not only has better features and durability but if you don’t want to spend thousands on a smartwatch and want to purchase an inexpensive smartwatch for yourself, then a 2000 INR smartwatch will be a great buy for you.

A smartwatch under 2000 will be a simple smartwatch, but it can still perform health-related functions such as heart rate monitor, traveled distance, calorie burned, and many other functions. And if you’re not ready to go for the first time with an expensive watch for yourself then this budget will be a fantastic choice to find a good smartwatch. Moreover, if you haven’t used the smartwatches before, it’s advisable to look for a comparatively cheaper smartwatch instead of spending a huge sum to get yourself comfortable with the technology and use of a smartwatch.

Buy Top 10 smartwatches to buy in India under 2000

1. Lambent Black DZ09 Bluetooth Smart Watch

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The Lambent Black DZ09 would be a perfect smartwatch for those buyers who look forward to buying a new and feature-rich smartwatch for themselves. Apart from the excellent look and finish, features, build quality, and support are the things that make DZ09 better than the other smartwatches. You can give it easily to someone new to technology and want to learn more about the smartwatches.


  1. Compact and easy to use
  2. Can be used as an independent smartphone
  3. Numerous health-related features including pedometer and sleep monitor
  • Sync function for messaging services
  • Camera and sound recorder

  • Not weatherproof

2. Drumstone A1 Smart Wrist Watch with Camera and Sim Card Slot

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The Drumstone A1 is another brilliant smartwatch for first-time users. Along with the looks and features, this is the only watch that comes with a 1-year warranty in this collection. And this in a way ensures buyers of the smartwatch’s build quality and durability.

In addition to the various features for health enthusiasts, Drumstone A1 also has several other useful features such as making and answering telephone calls, reading and answering messages, and others.


Easy to setup
Brilliant performance
Can be connected to your Android smartphone, or can be used independently by using a 2G SIM directly on the slot.

  • 1-year warranty
  • NO compatibility issues with mobile platforms

  • Screen quality is not up to the mark

3. Rewy A1_002 Bluetooth Curve Display Smart Watch

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If you were looking for a beautifully built smartwatch that looks pricey, it would be a perfect smartwatch for the Rewy A1 002 with a curved display to go with. This is also the best-looking smartwatch in this price range, along with excellent display and high-quality premium bracelet. The Rewy A1 002 isn’t all about the looks though. There are a number of features that aren’t present in any smartwatch of this type and the watch comes in a variety of colors so customers can select the best one they want.


  1. IPS LCD panel
  2. Touch screen display
  3. Advanced features like Anti-lost function, Voice recorder, and cellphone finder
  • Runs essential apps like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp
  • Extremely easy to set up

  • Charging cable is hard to connect

4. Rockwill Bluetooth A1 Smart Watch (Silver)

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Another brilliant smartwatch that targets first-time Rockwill buyers and entry-level buyers. With a brilliant screen and a list of useful features make the smartwatch a perfect buy for the first time buyers who plan to invest money on smartwatches.


  1. FM Radio
  2. Works flawlessly with iPhones and Android devices
  3. Easy to use features
  • Compatible with smartphones
  • Large screen

  • Set up can be a bit difficult for the beginners

5. ZED BONE Bluetooth Smart Watch DZ09

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If you were looking for a smartwatch that can easily replace an entry-level smartphone, the best smartwatch for you will be the ZED BONE Bluetooth Smart Watch DZ09. Unlike the other smartwatches of this series, this smartwatch has several features that are available from renowned brands on in the costly smartwatches. The ZED BONE Bluetooth Smart Watch DZ09, along with a great collection of features, also has a seamless output that makes it a worthy product for almost any customer looking for their first smartwatch.


  1. Big list of features
  2. Large screen makes it easier to operate
  3. Sturdy design
  • Easy to set up
  • Compatible to both iOS and Android devices

  • Looks bulky

6. ZXEGA DZ09 Bluetooth Smart Watch 

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If you want to buy yourself an all advanced feature and smart Bluetooth watch, then this great choice for you is this DZ09 Bluetooth smartwatch. It comes with the best display in section, supported sim card, and 32 GB memory, as well as a 2-megapixel camera.

You can use this watch as a smart mobile, made by the high-quality manufacturing unit, which delivers excellent performance.

  • It has supported (GSM, micro-sim) as well
  • It is a durable and reliable brand
  • Amazing touch screen display
  • Extremely easy to use & set up it
  • It comes with all advanced features like a video recorder, audio, and compatibility all android iOS mobile phones
  • Beautiful and classy look

  • It is not a waterproof watch

7. ZILANT Unisex Bluetooth 4g Smart Watch

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If you’re looking for a brilliant and sophisticated smartwatch, this smartwatch will suit perfectly with all your needs. It comes with a high-quality display, fast touch, and great sound quality, allowing you to easily connect your smartphone through Bluetooth and check your mobile notifications via this watch at all times. It’s built from a high-quality CPU 1.3 G quad-core operating system. And the App supports GPS browsing.

  • Amazing looks with all advanced features
  • You have to charge only 30 minutes before using
  • It comes with Sleep Monitoring
  • NO compatibility issues with mobile platforms

  • It battery quality is not good
  • The camera is not working properly

8. Noise color fit Pro smartwatch

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Noise, in India, is a well-established brand. Noise smartwatch is intelligently designed to support a variety of features. The smartwatch noise pro comes with a 2.5D 1.2-inch display. The camera and music can be controlled remotely through the smartwatch.

The noise fit pro 2 apps need to be downloaded to the android or iOS computer to pair the Colorfit pro smartwatch.

  • The watch feature includes daily weather updates, temperature, and tracking of time during light and deep sleep stages.
  • The smartwatch can be paired through Bluetooth version 4.1 with various devices including iOS and Android.
  • Includes call and notification alert
  • Clear display of time and other features
  • The smartwatch can be used to control the camera and music remotely.

  • The smartwatch display lacks sharpness, a little hard to view in bright sunlight.

9. Hoteon Color Screen Fitness Watch

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Fitness watch with Hoteon Color screen is an ideal choice for health freaks. The watch can be used to track all-day activities including steps, burned calories, active times, distance, and heart rate. The watch tracks the process of sleep and offers an exhaustive examination.

  • Health monitoring to track your fitness The smartwatch includes a built-in feature that vibrates to alert messages and calls.
  • A long battery life this smartwatch comes a. The watch can operate for 3 to 10 days with one full charge, as per a customer’s use.
  • This smartwatch looks and features design and feels premium with long battery life.
  • The smartwatch’s waterproof feature is highly recommended, as it is protected from sweat when used by athletics

  • The battery life of the smartwatch is not up to the mark.
  • Also, the smartwatch has sync issues

10. SYL PLUS Bluetooth Smart Watch (Black)

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The last smartwatch to appear on our list is SYL plus. SYL plus smartwatch includes some of the best features such as Bluetooth dialer, camera remote control, notification alert, pedometer, sleep monitor, and anti-lost technology.

  • Supports Bluetooth features that can be connected to listen to music Compatible with different phone brands such as Samsung, iPhone, Note, Motorola The smartwatch can be combined with different apps.
  • The customers regard this watch as best in section show and working memory.
  • The Bluetooth technology in-build enables users to listen on the go to their favorite songs.

  • The smartwatch screen quality is poor
  • The charger cable that is provided is small.

Guide to Buying the Best Smartwatch Under 2000

Day by day, the world is turning into a technologically-based world. Smartwatches are a must for any everyday activity. People are commonly demanding them because they can be conveniently linked to smartphones, and therefore they can just as conveniently execute many of the related functions, making your life easier. Yet, it is imperative to attain the most optimal fit.

So, before you go to buy a new smartwatch, you might need to search for a few items to find the perfect fit.


The watch display is a very important feature. The colorful LCD or AMOLED displays help you get a much better experience while viewing photos, apps, videos, etc. A much better richer display may take up more battery but it provides a much higher resolution comparatively. So, see if the design suits your requirements and standards before committing to a new smartwatch!


A smartwatch is considered innovative in that it combines several features that a phone does along with various additional features. It will allow calling, texting, alarms, etc. Most of the watches on the market are also fitted with heartbeat sensors, GPS, VPNs, etc., thus taking care of your health problems, allowing you to locate and handle payments away. With each brand, the number of such additional features and their applicability can change a bit so, research the market before you buy one and find the perfect match.


There’s an end number of products and options available on the market that can confuse you with various price points. Before you go to buy, you must set a budget for yourself, so you can make a wise decision.


The battery is one of the most critical aspects of any and all Smartwatch. Most of them appear to run for 1-2 days but each watch has a different battery life. Likewise, the charging ports and time are different, for example, some have quick charging enabled in them and some have not. Because regular charging can be a problem, it is important that you find a watch that you can easily maintain.

Operating system

There are numerous operating systems on the market for telephones like Windows, Android, iOS, etc. and since smartwatches are designed to provide access to your phone, the watch’s operating system is an integral factor. It’s important to see if the watch you’re buying complements your phone or not so you can take advantage of all the features the device has to offer effectively and effectively. So, before you buy the watch, spend some time reviewing the operating system the unit is implementing and make sure you feel confident using it.

Buying a Smartwatch nowadays is a very personal and crucial decision. Other factors such as sound quality, waterproofing, watch installed, networking, Bluetooth, hotspot, and so on also play a major role in this decision. So make sure you do your homework before purchasing a new smartwatch, check all the boxes off, and make an educated decision.

Final Thoughts:

So, these were the five smartwatches that are popular on the Indian market right now, and they have all the important features you’re looking for in your first ever smartwatch.

So, follow the links, and find yourself a good one. Believe us, you do not regret spending money on any of the smartwatches mentioned above.